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Ellee is thrilled to have been offered a three-book deal by Bonnier Books to write a series of three World World 1 saga/historical fiction books. The first will be published in 2022 – more details to follow.

Ellee is represented by by the brilliant Hannah Weatherill at Northbank Talent and Literary Agency.

In 2014 she was commissioned Little Brown Book Group  to write a collection of memoirs called The Shop Girls which were published in September 2014.

In making the offer, they said:

“I’m delighted to be writing with news of an offer for Ellee’s lovely book, which has been such a hit here. It’s such a treat to read material like this which fits so nicely into the current vogue for all things nostalgic, and yet feels fresh and exciting. I adored Mr Selfridge and The Paradise, and I think people are genuinely fascinated by how elegant and refined these stores were (at least on the surface!) and by the characters who worked inside them.”

*Ellee’s first book was Being The Soham Psychic, when she was the ghost writer for psychic Dennis McKenzie who hit the headlines after Kevin Wells described in his own book how wonderful he had been during his darkest hours when his soham-psychic2-196x300daughter Holly Wells and her friend Jessica Chapman went missing and were murdered. It includes many more unbelievable – but true – accounts about his extraordinary life, including how he helps the bereaved families of gangland killings in Limerick, and the terrible paranormal experiences in America when working on the case of a savage serial killer known as B.T.K. because he bound, tortured and killed his innocent victims.

It was published by Headline in September 2009 and reached No 1 on Amazon for True Crime and Murder.

Ellee facilitated the book deal after being recommended to a London literary agent by a leading ghost writer and he told her after reading her proposal and sample chapter: “I don’t like it …… I love it, and I will be delighted to represent you!”

Since then Ellee has assisted an unpublished author, Francesca Polini, with her book proposal in her search for a literary agent and a book deal and arranged the endorsement of one of the UK’s top dress designers Bruce Oldfield to write a foreword for her book on international adoption; his celebrity status is sure to help attract media attention and raise the book’s profile.

Ellee also assisted Prof Tony Lentin, Cambridge academic, barrister and author of Banker Traitor Scapegoat Spy? The troublesome case of Sir Edgar Speyer.He says:

“I came across Ellee after stumbling across a blog post she wrote about Sir Edgar Speyer, the subject of my book, Banker Traitor Scapegoat Spy? The troublesome case of Sir Edgar Speyer. He had captured her imagination, just like mine, and I felt she would be the perfect person to help me promote it.

“She created the content for my new website, achieved BBC and ITV news coverage about Sir Edgar’s life, crafted a letter which was published in The Guardian and helped secure a slot for me to speak at Holt Festival in 2014.

 “I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ellee, she is a very genuine and committed professional with wide ranging valuable skills and a determination to succeed.”

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