David Mills and those "bad pennies"

David Mills, estranged husband of Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell who is to stand trial for alleged fraud, explains his demise after mixing with “one or two bad pennies, or in Berlusconi’s case, a bad pound”.

Janice Small was involved in breaking this story for Legal Business mag, which has an exclusive interview with Mills further pleading his innocence.

From what he says, he was a very trusting man who became mixed up with the wrong crowd. Would you buy a used car from him?

I only have this story on pdf and will send it to anyone interested.


  1. Jean-Luc, yes, “a bad pound” says it all! But ignorance is no defence in law.

  2. ‘A bad pound’ is a great quote; it about sums up the sleazy types some hang around with.

  3. Don’t get me started on Mary – she’s worse than he is on account of knowing the difference between right and wrong.

  4. This is a great, well-designed blog, Ellee. I certainly support your views. Drop in on me at ‘Captain Picard’s Journal’. Dragonflyfilly sent me here.

  5. Icedink, you are a softie. What happened to the days when a woman stood by her man, women like Mary Archer?

  6. Would I buy a used car from him? No. I suspect that he thought he was smarter and slipperier than some very slippery fish. I don’t suppose he’ll end up in jail but perhaps the best thing would be a prolonged period of silence once all cases are concluded. The suspicion of slight shadyness will endure, as it does with all the new Labour crowd, except Honest Mr Brown. Having said that, I felt sorry for Tessa, seeing her that Sunday in the papers with red eyes. Whatever she knew or didn’t know, the public crumbling of a marriage is not a nice thing to endure.

  7. Janice Small

    “Who says working outside of politics is boring? Whilst freelancing as a consultant to a small public relations consultancy in Kent whose client sectors include property, financial services, baby clothes and bras for small-busted women, their client, Legal Business, a rather boring legal trade magazine, gave us the scoop of the only interview with David Mills.

    “Having been a regional press officer for the Conservatives, but still working in a nominal capacity for two MPs, I miss the thrust of politics – it is not the same as finding interesting stories about the buy-to-let mortgage market. Then the scoop of David Mills comes along, the disgraced lawyer and estranged husband of Tessa Jowell.

    “What strikes me most about this story is the arrogance of Mills and the false modesty and naivety of Ms Jowell. Much has been written on this subject and surely more to come IF the trial scheduled to being in November and the committal hearing in Italy, Mills’s policy of not questioning his clients about their business activities and associates has come back to haunt him. If found guilty he could face 12 years in prison. Unfortunately, it is likely that the Italian courts will be timed out due to the statute of limitations on any event. If so, he will remain free and, watch this space, a very public reunion with his estranged spouse will happen. Tony Blair will breath a sigh of relief that there will be no more sleaze involving his ministers, particularly at a time when he needs all the friends he can get to stay in power.

    “Mills states that, “we’ve both been through the most terrible trauma?. Bah, humbug. This is a high earning, highly intelligent lawyer. Ms Jowell must also have some intelligence, albeit that she is a serving minister in Blair’s government. Nonetheless, my point is that these people are trying to make us believe that Jowell knew nothing of the allegations. Let’s hope that our Law Society has the muscle do to something about his business practices if the Italian courts can’t get their act together. We’ll also see a reconciliation before the year is out. “

    The full article will appear on on 1st September.

    Janice Small
    Approved Conservative Candidate


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