My interesting day

I am wearing my Headway Cambridgeshire hat today where I am a trustee. We are interviewing candidates to be the centre’s new manager.

Headway is a national organisation and provides rehabilitation for adults with brain injury, just ordinary people whose lives were shattered following an accident or fall – it could so easily happen to any of us at any time.

Then later I am looking forward to learning about the rise of female suicide bombers from psychoanalyst Nancy Kobrin which I plan to write up on. I certainly never have a dull day.


  1. Jeremy, I’m so sorry to hear about your ex-girlfriend’s mother. Headway is a wonderful organisation and I feel privileged to help in the small way that I do. Meeting the members and hearing their stories makes you realise how easily a head injury could happen to any of us at any time.

  2. Ellee

    Last week, as you’ll see under the “Public Speaking” post on my main Blog, I gave a talk about my ex-girlfriends mother who was nearly killed by a cyclist. This was almost exactly 4 years ago to the day. In the following weeks and months there was much discussion as to her long-term needs. Headway was an organisation that was mentioned. Regrettably, the injuries that were sustained were so severe that the lady in question still remains in a long-term ward.

  3. Hi Landgirl, I will write up on the female suicide bombers tomorrow, I felt the post on the local murders had to take precendence today. I also have some work to do and I need to spend time reading my notes about it from yesterday.

  4. Hello, I found your blog via Second Effort. I live in North of Scotland now but was born in Chicago. Your day, your reading list, and your ability to navigate such disheartening things as brain damage and women suicide bombers and remain grounded is wonderful. I don’t think I would have courage either for doing or reading those things so I’ll revisit your blog to get as close as I dare to those topics.

  5. Kate, Fingers crossed, it was a very productive day. I enjoyed it too.

    Sally, The female suicide bomber post will be up tomorrow, I’m too tired now, and I look forward to seeing you on Saturday too.

  6. sally kelly

    Will also be interested to hear what drives women to become suicide bombers, looking forward to seeing you on saturday Ellee….

  7. A fascintaing day for you, Ellee; I like your Christmas header as well.

  8. Then later I am looking forward to learning about the rise of female suicide bombers from psychoanalyst Nancy Kobrin which I plan to write up on.

    You never cease to amaze.

  9. Kate Lewis

    There’s certainly never a dull day here at Headway Cambridgeshire, is there Ellee? Thanks again for your help with interviewing today – I don’t know about you but I find it really tiring, but I think we had a productive day.

  10. I trust your hat won’t get blown away in the wind over the Gog-Magog Hills of Cambridgeshire!

    (My flippant remark is not intended to demean the seriousness of your cause).

  11. You’re right, Ellee. Brain injury could happen to any of us, at any minute. I’m often amazed by the number of people who don’t regard a stroke as a massive brain injury, by the way.

    I’ll be interested to read about the psychology of the female suicide bomber. I read that they are often women who don’t quite fit into their society.

    Oh! I forgot to say yesterday that I like your Xmas photos at the top!


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