Sarkovy hijacks Le Web 3 conference

A conference in Paris on Le Web 3 turned into a French farce when it was hijacked by presidential hopeful Nicolas Sarkovy and used as a political platform.

Even though Neville Hobson missed it, he gives a great view on the outrage felt by bloggers, and this pic by Ben Metcalfe says it all.

One of the bloggers who attended, Tom Raftery describes the reasons:

“The conference was completely hijacked and changed from a conference about new web technologies into a presidential campaign for the next French election. Two of the candidates, Nicolas Sarkozy and François Bayrou were parachuted in to the conference schedule at the last minute, displacing other speakers.?

Simon Collister who attended also highlights the French fall out on his excellent post.

Organiser Loic Le Meur makes no secret of the fact that he supports Sarkovy, and, like American politicians, French politicians are keen to have bloggers on their side too; there were 1,000 people from 35 countries at the conference. But this was obviously not the right time or place to go into overdrive about politics. It is a shame that what should have been a positive for this high profile conference turned into a negative. If you were there, I would love to hear your comments about it.


  1. P.S. You can read more interesting accounts on this from Antony Mayfield
    and Adam who is linked in comment 6.

  2. Adam, Thanks, I knew about Francois Bayrou, but not about Shimon Peres. Obviously Loic Le Meur has great influence to attract such high profile speakers, but their contribution would have been more appropriate – and greatly appreciated I’m sure – at a conference specifically on the social media and politics rather than Web 3. Maybe he can arrange that another time.

  3. To be fair, Sarkovy wasn’t the only presidential candidate who spoke to us, as François Bayrou had an earlier slot, and he wasn’t the only politician either, as Shimon Peres was there.

    Sarkozy was just the rudest.

  4. I’m not sure about these big events, and just what you can get out of them. I’d prefer smaller events which are more informal with a greater workshop/networking element like the thing I’m trying to build up around Oxon/Wilts.

    I’m also a little unsure about the speakers’ agenda at these events. Why is someone from a large corporation telling you something? Are they getting paid, and if not, why are they there?

  5. Hypocentre

    I’ve stopped reading TechCrunch and TechCrunch UK&Ireland as, with Sam Sethi’s blog criticism of the conference apparently being censored by the parent body,I don’t think that I can trust the site to be impartial anymore. (See Simon Collister’s article and crunchnotes for background)

  6. James, I was trying to write about this objectively. Sarkovy’s attendance should have made a positive contribution, but he clearly overdid the political speechmaking, there is a fine line to observe when politicians speak at these events, and it seems he overstepped it, judging from the reaction. There are lessons to be learned from this.

  7. You wouldn’t have just the teensiest bit of a shine for Segolene, would you, Lady Ellee?


  1. Tim Almond - Irritating 2.0... I was having a brief read of Ellee's post about the Le Web 3 Conference......

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