Duty calls

I’m afraid I need to take a blogging break for a week to spend quality time preparing my next project for my CIPR PR diploma, as well as keeping on top of my work. Blogging is immensely distracting, as well as pleasurable, and my assignment requires much time and commitment.

I have to research and write a PR campaign for a fictitious local authority which has been accused of racism in its housing department and wants to demonstrate that this is no longer the case. I have lots of info I need to study closely, as well writing up on the theory behind my campaign.

I contacted the Commission for Racial Equality to see if they could suggest any best practice campaigns which had impressed them and was surprised when they replied that they do not help students this way. I’m still open to suggestions if anyone has any ideas.

I would like to get the lion’s share of this project under my belt by the end of the week for my own peace of mind, so it’s heads down for now, and I’ll be back soon.


  1. Probably best you don’t ask, Ellee.
    When I woke up Saturday morning and saw the debris I’d left on the net the previous night, I cringed….

  2. Well done Ellee on passing the Christmas test and I am already looking forward to your return with a bang tomorrow! Keep up the good work. Michelle

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