Love on the buses

Here’s one good reason to forsake your car and use public transport – you could buy a ticket to romance as a survey has shown that 1 in 30 people fall in love on a coach.

These don’t seem particularly high odds to me, but I like the two other results which showed that one in 10 passengers had a life-changing idea while travelling in a coach and one in 15 people made a long-term friendship.

Funnily enough, I have a long coach trip planned this weekend to the Forest of Dean with some walking buddies, it now sounds infinitely more attractive than I thought. Have you had a life-changing experience as a result of a memorable coach trip? There’s always a first time and I shall soon find out for myself.


  1. I’ve heard of the mile high club. What do you call the coach club?

  2. I quite enjoy a coach ride, I have been to Paris several times (also Ghent) on the Eurolines coach. I have a 50+ coach card which saves a bit. It takes the stress off driving and is a LOT cheaper than the train!

  3. A coach? I did take one once. Did’nt like it much…


  4. Jean-Luc said “It sounds another way to get people to use public transport! Still, if one just happens to be lucky, and one sits next to the right person…”

    If only they could make bus and plain seats with as much room as you have in most saloon car front seats – then possibly sitting next to a stranger would not be much different to sitting next to someone you know, yakking on the mobile phone to someone else not in the car.

    But the coach journey would have to be short. Any more than two hours ‘sitting’ on a coach or shorthaul flight (bus with wings) and I start wishing I’d caught the ferry or boat

  5. This is one topic on which I am lost. A coach? I did take one once. Did’nt like it much…

  6. James, I have no idea what you mean, I have a very chaste weekend ahead of me away from my family with a few salt-of-the-earth type ramblers. I shall trek over 25 miles of glorious countryside. I am taking lots of books to read on the coach, but my ears always prick up if I hear an interesting conversation.

    Kevin, I missed the Buenos Vista Social Club in Cambridge, it sold out – do look out for them, they play great salsa.

  7. Newmania and Ellee, you naughty people, you. Good luck for the weekend.

  8. Given the amount of time I’ve spent on buses and coaches, there must be something wrong with me, then! I’ve met a lot of “frogs” on these journeys but no Prince Charmings. However, “tomorrow is another day”. Good luck at the weekend, Ellee!

  9. electro-kevin

    Yes, Ellee, the salsa is enchanting and I’m sure even Mr Bean could learn to do a simple version of it given the time and the tuition. As for an Antoneo Banderas lookalike, that’s me that is !!!

    Naw – only kidding. 🙂

  10. Steven_L

    At 6’1” I hate the damn things. I spent 11 hours on one once travelling from Cardiff to Newcastle the scenic route.

    Never, ever again

  11. Kevin, My husband does Mr Bean impressions on the dance floor too, which is a great shame as I would like to dance the salsa with an Antonio Banderas lookalike, do you know of any? Maybe I shouldn’t set my sights so high, but he looks pretty nifty on the dance floor.

  12. It sounds another way to get people to use public transport! Still, if one just happens to be lucky, and one sits next to the right person…

  13. electro-kevin

    Love On The Buses:

    I don’t think “I’ll ‘ave you, Butler !” had the same sexual connotation then as it might have now.

  14. “….one in 10 passengers had a life-changing idea while travelling in a coach.”

    I wonder if, after sharing a five hour journey with a group of psychotic feral youths, it was, “It’s time I bought a car.”

  15. Bedd Gelert

    No personal experience, but a colleague at a previous workplace met his wife on the Eurostar.

    I have to say, like those silly ‘supermarket singles’ nights, you might think that who you might meet in Sainsbury’s in Richmond might be a better bet than my local Asda [muntersville central], and so you might have a better chance on the Orient Express than on the National Express, but who’s to say ?

    That said, anyone who has listened to Jasper Carrott’s ‘nutter on the bus’ sketch might be a little sceptical..

  16. electro-kevin

    Coaches remind me of Paul Simon’s America. The reality is that I’ve had some awful coach journeys and that was despite my yearning to live the music.

    A surprising amount of romance came my way through work, whereas I found discos to be hopeless for encounters – I dance like Mr Bean I’m afraid.

  17. Ian Lidster

    I once travelled the length and breadth of Ireland on a coach. Thank God there was Guinness to sustain me; that and the Irish scenery. I once fell in love on a plane trip, but no intriguing encounters on a coach. I’d be delighted to know how yours goes. By the way, my grandfather grew up right next to the Forest of Dean. A lovely part of the country.


  18. Newmania, I used to hitch hike in my reckless youth and get into cars with strangers, like many other students, but it’s virtually unheard of now, unless it’s one of those guys who has made a car delivery and is holding up a number plate.

    I would suggest you ban talking about politics and property prices at parties – or children’s schools and exam results – put some smoochy music on and go with the flow like you used to.

  19. Oh ho ho…now that takes me back to …Claire . We met on a bus I was coming back from Newcastle University and we got chatting and so on . She was only about seventeen, which she did not mention any way somewhere in the midlands we decided to make the journey a bit more interesting.:)

    Parties were like that back then people were always entwined in passionate embrace. Now we go to each others houses and talk about Property values and politics

    That was a really really good swap wasn`t it…sigh…..I hate getting old , better than the alternative though it may be

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