An away day

I have appointments in London today, which includes dropping into 18 Doughty Street to pick up my camcorder to be a citizen journalist. I’m really looking forward to being a roving reporter again and filing some reports; you can be one too if you are a registered member of 18 Doughty Street. I hope to also use these reports on my site once I get the hang of it.

I was hoping to find time to visit the Hogarth exhibition as well, but I don’t want to rush it, I shall want to scrutinise and absorb every tiny detail of these fine masterpieces,  so I will make a return visit when I am wearing more comfortable footwear rather than my new leopard skin kitten heeled shoes.


  1. Bedd, My sons share the same dread as you regarding the thought of me in a pair of leggings. Just forget that frightful image of Cherie which is firmly ingrained in your memory. I shall wear mine, which are 3/4 length, with a longish top, flattering and wispish, with lace-up wedgey espadrilles.

  2. Bedd Gelert

    Ellee, great shoe choice, but puuuhhhleeeaasee don’t tell me you wear leggings !!!

    A fashion crime disaster which should be punishable by imprisonment !!

    For goodness sake, girl, have you never seen the picture of Cherie wearing leggings ?? Nightmare.

    A bit like that woman [Jude Law’s other half – Sadie Frost?] who went out having forgotten to put her skirt on..

  3. John Prescott

    You never compliment me on my chuffin’ feminine couture, Sally. 🙁

  4. Ellee, you always look very feminine when ever i see you, i love your girlie clothes….unlike what i wear….

  5. Thanks for the Doc Martens info. I prefer feminine shoes, but I like my walking boots for long treks. I have just bought some of those 3/4 leggins and I’m not sure what shoes would look best with them.

  6. I orginally come from Northamptonshire….where all the best shoes were made….and a DR Martens factory used to be in a near by village called FINEDON…..

  7. Dr Martens are best for steady camera work. You can get them in snazzy colours now – purple, blue, green …

    I used to have a pink pair…i loved

  8. I saw Theresa May wear THOSE shoes last summer and took a photo of her in them, but she wasn’t wearing her boa as well. She did start a bit of a craze with the shoes.

  9. I agree with that. I also admired her a lot for saying what needed to be said, even if some didn’t want to hear it.

    I hated feeling that people saw me as a nasty party supporter, but I felt that long before she said what she said, and it was like a release when she did.

  10. electro-kevin

    PS, Teresa May went way up in my estimation.;-)

  11. electro-kevin

    Dr Martens are best for steady camera work. You can get them in snazzy colours now – purple, blue, green …

  12. Ah, now you’ve gone and spoil it.

  13. David Allen

    Be careful Ellie, or your blog will be plagued by ladies shoe fetishists! Any volunteers, N? 😉

  14. Joe, I matched them with a leopard skin vest top as well under my trouser suit. It’s all very tame stuff really.

  15. Why do leapard skin shoes always arouse so much interest? I thought they might. And Newmania, they are only print.

    David, I do have a black feather boa, not sure I would wear them with these shoes, that memory of Theresa May is firmly implanted in your mind.

    I collected a fabulous looking mini camcorder and look forward to using it soon. Linda, I hope to find some good stories to present like YouTube, to use it for recording interviews.

    I was delighted to meet David Brain of Edelman PR too and we had a blogstorming session. He gave me a copy of a new book, The Corporate Blogging Book by Debbie Weil, which I have since recommended to a client who is new to blogging.

  16. Don’t work too hard!
    Tell me more about the leopard skin..

  17. I hope you had a productive day Ellee. My colleagues and I used to hate “Away days” in the university – they were always crammed with “management speak” about bottom lines and moving forward and stuff!

  18. Does that mean they are Leopard kittens ? God that really is cold .

    What for lunch Panda Paws in their own juice ?

  19. Wow Ellee, that sounds fun, the shoes I mean and the roving reports – what will you focus on?

  20. when I am wearing more comfortable footwear rather than my new leopard skin kitten heeled shoes.

    That leapt out at me a bit …I hope they are made of real Leopards.! Animal skin is wasted on animals

  21. Ellee, you’re stepping out in style. By the way, I’ve linked in one post to you in a strange way.

  22. David Allen

    “leopard skin kitten heeled shoes” _ are you having a Theresa May Moment, Ellee? But please tell me you never team them with a pink feather boa, like Ms May!

  23. Buona giornata, Ellee. Looking forward to seeing those reports. How about a pic of the shoes?


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