FoI climbdown by government

I was over the moon to learn that the government has in effect climbed down over plans which could have seriously restricted the Freedom of Information Act.

Access to information from our government and local authorities is core to our democracy, but I really didn’t think we stood a chance in changing the minds of the powers that be over this.

However, the government may yet have second thoughts as a couple of days later, Gordon Brown’s pension scandal was revealed – info provided courtesy of FoI.

Cross-party MPs were outraged about the proposed changes which would have limited access to the FoI Act , with many strong critics from Labour itself, which is probably why the Department for Constitutional Affairs extended its consultation, in effect, kicking it in the grass.

The UK Press Gazette believes that effectively the move means that plans that had been condemned as “neutering” FoI for journalists may now be left for a new Prime Minister to decide. Hurray.


  1. electro-kevin

    Will this rear its ugly head again like the EU Constitution ? However, reasuring that there were strong critics from within Nu Lab itself.

  2. Thanks you Welshcakes, I think I can manage it if I keep my posts shorter, which was my New Year’s resolution – better to start late than never.

  3. Very glad to read this, Ellee. Gosh, you’re prolific today – are you trying to beat all those business bloggers in output?! You always write great posts.


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