Every man has his price

I thought the Chinese might know how to twist an arm, but it appears not. Developers have been unable to persuade the owner of this home to move out so the area can be turned into a £40m ‘Broadway’ square, including apartments and a shopping mall.

His asking price to pack his bags is 20 million yuan – the equivalent of £1.3 million. I wonder where his/her neighbours are now, what price they settled for. And the developers must be tearing their hair out.

It must be tricky popping out to the shops when you live in self-imposed exile on a 30ft high island. What would you do in this homeowner’s shoes?

Hat tip: Geoff.


  1. And PS – sorry about putting comment 8 here, not only did I forget to sign in, but when I clicked in to comment on the next post on Boots no7 ended up commenting here

    I was awake – honest!
    just in a little bit of a hurry

  2. lol, I see no one had any ideas how the China man could get to work or do his daily shop.

    I guess the developers are trying to starve him out, can’t see the local council allowing him to put up a hanging bridge

  3. electro-kevin

    Fancy building a house on top of a termite hill. What a nutter !

  4. James, Every picture tells a story – this one says a thousand words.

    (Comment 8 should have been added to the post that follows, in case anyone is wondering).

  5. Ellee, your comment at the top is what I was thinking too. Yes, great pic.

  6. Jean-Luc Picard: > I wish a few in this country would stand firm and frustrate people

    That’s all very well until it is you who are the frustrated one! Have you never been frustrated by “red tape” yourself? It could be just a jobsworth ‘standing firm’!

  7. Good for him.

    Although I thought that the Chinese went in for the “property is theft” meme politically…

  8. Yudansha

    There must be penalty clauses if the development isn’t completed on time, so I would think that the householder stands a chance of getting something big if he’s stocked up for a seige. Then again, that would set a precedent and cause problems for all future projects – perhaps the developers are prepared to stand for a loss on this one.

  9. Good for him! I wish a few in this country would stand firm and frustrate people.

  10. Michelle, I’m amazed the Chinese authorities allowed this situation to develop. I thought I read a while ago that they are building new towns and completely razing homes without a second thought.

    I had a very studious Easter completing my PR diploma assignment which now looks very smart and professional having been comb-binded, Staples stayed open late for me this evening and I was so impressed by their kindness that I gave the guy a fiver tip.

  11. I would have thought the Health and Safety regulations in this country would have had a field day. Very impressive photograph. Hope you enjoyed Easter. Michelle


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