Ronnie Knight sells sex aids

An intriguing comment was posted when I wrote about Ronnie Knight living in Cambridge alerting me to what he was really up to – and it’s not playing dominoes.

He has a new online sex business called Ronnies Naughties which he runs with his niece – the reason for his big smile. This is what it says:

“Thanks for looking at this site, as some of you probably know, my crooks reunited site got a few old pals, now going straight, back in touch with me. During some of the chats with these rascals about the old times in Soho where the naughty clubs and shops surrounded my clubs I got to thinking, Ronnie why not move with the times and open a naughty website?

“Well, I had to get help there with the ins and outs of it all, so I wont be tapping on the keyboard myself as I am useless on a computer and don’t mind admitting my mobile phone is enough technology for this man these days.

“Well here goes, I haven’t tested the products personally but I have it on good authority they are great – I’d like you all to know there is life in the old dog yet, ha ha.

“I will watch the site daily with great interest and see if any of the products that make me smile (read that how you like!) will make you smile too.”

The comment was posted by his niece Kate who sent me this latest pic of him looking very fit and relaxed, with a twinkle in his eye. Via, email yesterday, Ronnie told me that he had been living in Cambridge for the last two years and was upset by the Sun’s report about him. He explained why he had moved to the city:

“..because I have family and friends there I am in newmarket at the mo and have an old friend lives in the same court as me, he always said “Ron when you retire come and live near me” We go to Camb town once a week for lunch buy fresh flowers on the market.”

This is how he spends his time:

“..visiting friends in Royston, a publican, a chap with building company and an estate agent all very good friends of mine who I go on holiday with couple of times a year.

Please say the the Sun newpaper got it very wrong, I live in a wondeful place, people who live there are not short of a few bob, they have sold homes to live there. If over 65 you can apply, there is a waiting list for the place so it can`t be the dump the Sun made it out to be. I have been there 2 years and no one has noticed me until recently.”

He said he has no regrets and was really loving life, and described the most memorable moment as…

” When my children Gary and Lorraine were born to my first wife June we were school sweethearts until Barbara came along, we met in a salt beef bar and that was it !”

Does Babs visit him?

“No she`s married what do you think I am a philanderer ? I still love her and wish she had worked so close to home and been home every night as she is now we may have still been togeather ? I was always alone whilst she was working away, I missed her terribly and we parted, but we were good enough friends for her to stick by me. I only have good things to say about her.”

Update: 28 April. Daily Mail and Who says crime pays?


  1. I have been looking at your web sight and reading some of the comments about ronnie knight. Can I just tell you that my wife and I have met the afore named gentleman and found him to be a real gentlman and a thoughly nice man. Like everyone else some people are not what they are made out to be, we all believe some of what we read!! If these people who have made these comments had had a chance to meet him like we have they would find a very different person that has been portrayed.

  2. I’m not pretending I am…

  3. electro-kevin

    So am I.

  4. Yes electro kevin …oooops ! he is actaully a gent.

  5. electro-kevin

    Ooops !

  6. Stephen

    Great story Ellee….and Cathy, do not worry Ellee is 100% genuine which is why she wrote the answers to her questions exactly as it was said.

  7. Cathy, I do apologise, it was not intentional, I just wanted to thank you and thought people would put two and two together and work it out. Yes, you do meet all sorts in blogosphere, I appreciate their diverse views. they are not so bad.

    Simon, you are the one who is runcible – it’s our favourite word.

  8. I am not sure that the term sex & aids go together well anymore. Looking at his photo I think he could do with all the help he can get.. ha ah! ( now, am I being RUNCIBLE??)

  9. Yes an outing, tried to keep it quiet didn`t want you all shouting at me ! you didn`t seem very nice at first, I have changed my mind now though.

  10. Ah. An outing.

  11. Cathy, Oops, I thought it was common knowledge from what I wrote and your comment on my previous post.

  12. great…..and thanks, I have now been sussed ! oh well..hey ho

  13. Cathy, Thanks for facilitating the email questions with Ronnie yesterday, it has contributed to a lively debate. I’m glad you like my site.

  14. I like this site….i may check in more often..
    for your records, I dress people as a stylist.

  15. Signing off for the evening. As a person who has contact with a few famous faces I am leaving food for thought..

    Think a little differently, Be kinder about others, reflect on the other side of notoriety,infamy or fame.

    ie: Jade Goody, who through a game show earned a nice living, has had such a slap in the face recently for a public arguement, Imagine how she/friends/family must feel.

    ie: Ronnie Knight for paying his debt to society and retiring to Cambridge. He obviously didn`t like his accomodation/old age/car and friends being slated by The Sun.

    The public eye is not ALWAYS where these persons want to be, it`s actually not a great place most of the time, going to bed feeling critised for every move and mistake you make.

    Once known it isn`t easy to remove yourself from it. Ron has been living quietly in Cambridge for 2 years he says,so why, when the papers find out, should any one have a dig at him ? He didn`t advertise he was there or they would have found him long ago!

    You all work and pay your way, try being “slapped” for it. It doesn`t matter how you earn your living banking,retail,media,e commerce site….it`s work.

    Maybe remember what it feels like to be disliked or attacked verbally (we have all been there) take that small sick feeling you had and magnify it ….. that`s how these people exposed feel?

    We will never walk in another mans/womans shoes… maybe if we all did just for one day the world would be a nicer place.

    Give people a chance…

  16. WhatI meant was “if” there was a problem within the sexual side of the marriage/partnership..on either side..female/male..low libido,Erectile Dysfuction for whatever reason …these can help..

  17. Yudansha

    I would agree with you up to a point there regarding marriage enhancement, Anne. Since I bought my wife a Rampant Rabbit Deluxe I have been relegated to lighting her fags and ordering pizzas.

  18. I would say “go Ronnie” what is the harm…if you don;t want to have a choice..there are lots and lots of sites selling sex products online and no one says a word about them…Sex Aids can sometimes enhance a marriage or relationship and prevent divorce or split..what wrong is he doing?

  19. E-K, your occupation is a matter of public record- you’ve told us all…
    Cathy, what do YOU do for a living?

  20. electro-kevin

    I must say that I’m a little anxious about that question, Cathy. (7)

    This indicates to me that you may be either:

    A) a copper, in which case I would like access to a solicitor, a copy of the codes of practice and a cup of tea with a Jacobs Club buscuit at regular intervals …blah de blah


    B)You are an underworld associate of Ronnie Knight, in which case I promise to double whatever he’s paying you.

    Without giving too much away my line of country involves inconveniencing the travelling public. BTW my hobbies include collecting fake beards and passports – do I need them right now ???

  21. Hi electro kevin, what do you do for a living may I ask ?

  22. electro-kevin

    No doubt he is ‘on the social’ as well, Cathy.

  23. from the comments its sounds like a few people would rather he lived on the social than try and earn money legitimatly! It`s not like B&Q would have him handing out baskets is it ?

    Joe seems to be the only one who see`s the fun in it and crumbs how many others sell sex aids to spice up peoples love livesmarried or unmarried and if sex aids prevent the divorce rate rising then great. is there for those who want to find it….bit like turning off the telly love when there is something smutty you dont want to watch..sp don`t look up the site and dont complain when you do!

  24. It’s interesting how cheap crooks try and wash away the past with an image like ‘naughty Ronnie.’

  25. electro-kevin

    Oh DO test everything in your catalogue, Ronnie.

    (That’s a polite way of saying “Go @&%8! yourself.”)

  26. Using notoriety to sell something still thought of as naughty.
    Great marketing.
    Even my fertile brain couldn’t come up with better.

  27. I `m somewhat conflicted on the open proliferation of sex aids and devices . On the one hand sex is a good thing and I like to see the guilt dropping away like dirt in a bath .Our Christian heritage with its hatred of the body and censorious attitude to women has a lot to answer for . On the other hand I do not like seeing wall to wall hard core pornography wherever I go and I worry that a generally selfish hardening has glazed over the feelings if those who use their bodies for pleasure regardless of the consequences.
    As far as someone who used to be a criminal is concerned I `m sorry but I have less than no interest dull little crooks and there self delight personally.

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