Planning a Greek trip

I would like to take my mother Loula to Greece for a week next month, back to Thessaloniki, her birthplace. I’m planning to book a hotel via the internet and wondered which online site you would recommend for flights.

I doubt I will be as lucky as Maalie and find a 1p flight which he has paid each way for a trip to Finland (read the comments).

One of my favourite films is Shirley Valentine, I love the free spirited way she went off and had an adventure when she felt unappreciated at home, how she stayed on in her Greek idyll.

When I feel my family push me too far, I threaten to go off and do a Shirley Valentine, and they look worried when I play the video, obviously thinking: “We had better behave, just in case mum means it.” It always does the trick.


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  2. Oh you are so lucky – its not LE Grand Bleu is it?? many pics please! I have loads od photos of the yachts I saw but my blog just won’t let me post them .

  3. The Hitch: Are you capable of giving an honest opinion? Your blog is racist and homophobic. You should be utterly ashamed of yourself!

  4. So you are planning to take your mother back to Greece, are you? Please see my website for my honest opinion.

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  5. I think Janejill has the basic vocab down pat!

  6. Love that film Ellee, big favourite of mine…love the bit of her talking to the wall!!! Found this on the web. x x anne

  7. Sounds like a great idea for a trip. Can I suggest a surprise goodie bag for your mum with a few things in like a book (see my blog for recommendation and link to review) and maybe her favourite things? Chocs? Mints? Embroidered hankie? Old photo in frame, wipes, perfume that invokes nice memories? Guide book? Just an idea.

  8. Thanks janejill. I can only find BA flights so far, I like your grasp of Greek vocabulary.

  9. just do it!!

  10. tripadvisor can be very good for hotels as the reviews are usually up to date, not sure if they do flights cheaply; what about the dreaded Ryanair or Easyjet? I would have thought Stelios would cover Greece?. I loved Greece and went there several times though only managed to learn “Issi poli omorphos ” I think, oh and Vodka me Portocolada” (very useful)

  11. Welshcakes, Well he certainly came chasing after he with his tail between his legs. There are so many great one-liners in that film. And do you remember Joanna Lumley playing a high-class callgirl?

  12. That will be lovely for you and your mum. I’ve always wondered if Shirley V stayed there or went home with her husband, who wasn’t so bad after all.

  13. Actually, before I married, I went to Rhodes with a girlfriend and, just like in Shirley Valentine, she hooked up with a guy she met on the aeroplane who had a yacht there and I was left on my own for most of the trip. Luckily for me, the hotel owner was the local newpaper editor and he took me under his wing and would invite me to go out and have dinner with his family to the restaurants that Onassis used to visit. He took me to the visit the mayorof Rhodes who gave me presents to bring back for the mayor of Cambridge. Because I love Greek music, I used to hang out in the music shop next door to the hotel and I made my own friends. I did join her on the yacht once, it is funny looking back, the parallels with the film – well, almost. I hope my mum behaves herself! 😉

  14. I thought you looked like you had a Greek streak running through you.

  15. I was laughing so much I forgot top log on

  16. is pretty good too.

    Just don’t go to expedia or anything like that for a package.

  17. that should be…!

  18. Have a little look at the ‘money saving expert’ forums, in particular this thread should be useful:

    If you are planning a DIY trip, skyscannernet, and are good for flights. is reasonably good too. There are discount codes available if you have a look on the site!!

    Have a good time whenever you go!


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