The missing – Leung Wan-wah

Despite the fact that my blog is banned in China, I would like to highlight the mysterious disappearance of a young Chinese girl, Leung Wan-wah. She vanished in August 1998 at the age of nine. A substantial reward of $100,000 was offered for information.

Leung Wan-wah went to play at a friend’s house in Mongkok and she later left to visit another friend, but never arrived at her house, and has not been seen since.

Despite extensive enquiries, the reason for her disappearance is not known. Police suspect that something “untoward” may have happened to her.

In memory of those who are still missing.


  1. Well done for posting this, Ellee because you highlight the fact that this is happening everywhere. As the McCanns have said tonight, perhaps the internet will be our best hope of finding at least some of these people in the future. Of course children and older people go missing every day and sometimes en masse because of the policies of awful regimes – or of invading armies. We do not forget any of them but we can all only do what we can. In highlighting the issue, you are doing something.

  2. Q9, I think we can accept death from natural causes, but when a child vanishes without reason and is never heard from again, it must be the most awful and unimaginable agony and suffering for the family. The hope of being reunited probably never fades. The widespread global publicity about Madeleine will hopefully help someone recognise her, but then it could also force her abductor to keep her well hidden. It’s too awful to think about.

  3. Elle, it is not that I’m insensitive, or too busy searching for blackholes, or ‘making’ money, or going to the haidresser, or shopping on a bankholiday, to care.

    It is that people ‘are’ missing and go missing everyday. People pass away everyday, several hundred thousand every year in the uk alone.

    The reason I didn’t become a ‘priest’ was that I was fine with weddings and baptisms every day, but daily funerals were just not my thing.

    Of course, I’d like to see all missing children found and returned safely to their parents. But how long has the little girl in Portugal been missing. Where do we look next?

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