The missing – Kevin Hicks

Kevin Hicks was 16 when he popped out to buy some eggs from the local  shops one bitterly cold evening. He never returned home. That was in March 1986 – 21 years ago. He is now aged 37; the age progression pic shows him at 33.

It is the ordinariness of the situations leading up to many disappearances that I find so harrowing. Kevin had earlier enjoyed a Sunday lunch with his family and even helped his dad wash up afterwards at their home in  Addiscombe, Croydon. He later popped out to buy the eggs which he needed for a school exam the next day.

His disappearance has been featured on Crimewatch and extensive police searches have failed to come up with any leads. Every Christmas, Kevin’s father hopes that his son will return. He has never given up hope of being reunited.

Tragically, Kevin’s mother died of a brain tumour at the age of 42 in October 1994, having just made a television appeal for news about her son. Derek still lives in the house Kevin grew up in after his wife asked him never to move away.

In memory of those who are still missing.


  1. I have just seen Kevin’s picture on my home page on facebook and recognised the photo, so i looked into this a little bit more and realised that this happened when i was 19 and I didn’t live to far away from Croydon. I remember Lee going missing too….this is so sad, I too know what it is like to be looking for someone, although it is completely different circumstances to your own…I just wanted to say I hope one day you will be reunited and that you will finally have some peace. If i can remember his face from photos of him way back then and i am now 45 then i am sure that other people will remember too. I am not telling you how to suck eggs but keep posting his old photos and ones of what he would look like now. Good luck to you all, I am happy to publish his photo on my facebook as i still have family living there and i now live in the Midlands the further afield you reach the better….Good luck

  2. Rebekah

    This case and Lee’s both need national coverage again. It also reminds me of 2 boys named Patrick and David in Chelmsley Wood, Birmingham who disappeared, one of their bikes (brand new) was found where he left it behind a garage.

  3. steve davis

    may i ask if kevin cycled to the shop on his bike and was found outside ?? did he enter the shop ??? i do remember this case

    • I lived in Addiscombe in 1967/74. It was during that time that a young boy was found dead in the gentlemens’ public toilets on the traffic island at the top of Cherry Orchard Rd. I don’t remember any more details except that as a young Mother it upset me greatly.
      Please accept my condolences on the sad loss of your parents. I shall keep Kevin in my thoughts for safe return to you.

  4. Cheryl

    I just think that it is bizarre how Kevin Hicks disappears in 1986 then two years later Lee Darren Boxell disappears not so far away. I believe he would have been going that way, perhaps to a football match. I’m sorry to say this, but there were a lot of weirdos around back then. Two innocent boys around the same age disappear not so far away from eachother and only two years apart. Mighty odd to me. I wonder if anyone else has made this connection? My heart goes out to his sister.

  5. Sean Passant

    Hi I went to school both Kevin & his sister Alex.

    I also lived in Addiscombe and used the Circle K shop that Kevin’s bike was left outside.

    I just wanted to let Alex know that we still think of her and Kevin and hope & pray that one day they can be reunited.

    I have a family of my own now and can’t imagine the heart ache they must have all been through.

    Always thinking of you.


    • Thank you Sean, that’s a very moving comment. It’s a terrible heartache that must surely stay with his family forever.

  6. Hi there Alexandra

    My name is Kathy and i am a co-founder of the UK based Group Forever Searching – we raise awareness to the missing on a global basis.

    Our website is

    We work with various families of the missing globally, we assist in raising awareness using the internet, Face-book – Bebo – Myspace -You Tube. We also host events raising awareness to the missing.

    Forever Searching is in the process of arranging an awareness event on the Isle Of Wight in January. Raising awareness to the UK missing we would like to include Kevin. This will be the 1st of many awareness events that we are hoping to host during 2011.

    We would also like to extend an invitation to the family – this event will be well attended by families of other missing persons so would be a fantastic opportunity to network with others living the same nightmare……

    If the family would like for us to include Kevin please e-mail me

    We would also like to upload Kevin onto our new web-site

    I look forward to hearing from you


  7. Alexandra, I’m so sorry to hear your father died too. Life must be so difficult for you. I hope one day he you will be reunited and he will meet his two nieces.

  8. How sad, and for Kevin’s father to lose his wife, too. As you say, Ellee, it’s the ordinariness of the circumstances. You just can’t imagine your loved one going out of the door to carry out a mundane task and then never seeing them again – and never knowing why.


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