The missing – Damien Nettles

_39268297_nettle300 Damien Nettles went missing after a night out with friends on the Isle of Wight  in November, 1996 when he was just 16. 

He had parted company from them at around 10.30pm. He was last seen at around midnight walking along the High Street in West Cowes shortly after buying chips. Damien was caught on CCTV footage talking to five or six men, only three have ever been identified.

Two were army officers who were in Cowes for training in sailing.  The other was a local drug dealer, who has since passed away, who was not identified until after his death.

Damien‘s website says:

“This is odd, as the Isle of Wight is a very small place and I am surprised that despite pictures and publicity of this video, it took over six years for someone to identify this individual.  The first two men were identified after a documentary, which aired in January 1997, 2 months after Damien went missing.  They were not local.  The National Missing Persons Charity was given an anonymous tip that
these two were from the Army, based in Aldershot.  They were interrogated and claim they did not know anything, however, both of them held conversation with Damien, as seen on the video. “

Last week, 21 June, was Damien’s 27th birthday. The age progression picture shows him as he would look today.

Damien, who is 6ft 3ins, comes from a close family who miss him terribly. Sadly, his family has had to move to the USA for work since his disappearance but they are still hoping to hear news of Damien. His grandparents still live on the Isle of Wight.

Despite repeated appeals run by the charity Missing People over the years, including a widely circulated age progressed picture produced by the charity, there has been no news of Damien. His mother Val said:

“I miss his wonderful, silly sense of humour and how the room came alive when he entered it…. he was larger than life and teeming with mischief and fun.?

If anyone has any information about Damien please call the confidential 24 hour charity Missing People on Freefone 0500 700 700. Donations to the charity can be made via the website .Damien’s family set up this website

In memory of those who are still missing.


  1. Paedophile group based on Isle of Wight -probably relevant here.

    There is a group (satanist, reptilian, wiccan – whatever comes handy) based on a big private property, possibly in Totland, Cliff Road (Isle of Wight, England). The property is very secluded and there is extensive security to protect from trespassing. Its not a new group, its operating for at least 40 years. The property has a hidden cave, called Mellersh cave by insiders (entrance by the 2 houses for example). The “core” of that sect is a certain family, the leaders of that sect. Supposedly extra-terrestial reptiles who need to “feed” on humans? Well, its what they make their members believe. A very sick family that passes on its psychopathic state father to son (women and girls don’t count in that family, they are just breeding objects).

    Their leader was “high king” N M who lives in Bull Lane, Minstead, New Forest. Minstead is a coven with some sect members living there. They pretend not to know each other in public. There is the owner of the ducks farm, there is Monica, close to N M. There are others, possibly playing at the pantomimes in Minstead each Christmas. There are members around New Forest. Alistair B. (Lyndhurst) is a close “friend”, Peter G. (Ashurst) and his family are in it. They seem normal on the outside – its just a cover for very “private pleasures”. They fit the perfect picture of middle-class people. Paedophiles are usually not dirty looking men or women – they look nice and kind. Its easy enough to do and it fools most people.

    Membership is exclusively by pervert video. You hand in a video with abuse of kids on it and you are in it. Unfortunately, once you are in there is no way out! The videos used to be in a special chamber in the Mellersh cave. Only members of the inner circle, i.e. direkt members of the M family in Minstead, have keys and passwords for that room (all M family members have a key close at hand, the high king used to hide his in the nearby forest). This way they can hold everybody in the group ransom. Once you are in, you have to obey the “high-king” in whatever he demands. Usually its about money – he demands a lot of money. He blackmails people into doing even worse things than the video – so that he can blackmail further.

    See the following extract of an article of Nick Davies:
    Just like any cult, he said, they imposed their ideology with such force that their members more or less lost the ability to think independently. The Satanic groups, he said, were also quite happy to use bluntly criminal tactics. They would interfere with car brakes or use violence to keep their members in line. They also liked to use blackmail, he said. For example, they would secretly take pictures of initiation rites, in which nudity or drugs or sex were a feature, and then use them to extract large sums of cash from those who fell under their spell. He recalled one particular case of a young professional man who had become embroiled, who had said nothing to anyone until his wife realised that they were almost bankrupt. He had counselled the man and tried to help him escape and found that he had given thousands of pounds to
    this coven. That particular man, he said, belonged to a rather nasty group. He didn’t know too much about them, he said. Just that they were based around Lewes.
    (From Nick Davies, “Satanists in Sussex”, The Guardian March 1997)

    Members of that coven:
    Mike Hols… (not full name). Supposed to be “fox” or “lap-dog”, depending on wether he is around or not. He is Irish, travels around the world as an English Teacher. Hardcore paedophile and murderer, utilized by the M family for “dirty” and risky jobs.
    Peter used to live in Manchester. English paedophile (exclusively prefers sex “with” children, has no other form of intercourse). He was married to Mexican Marta (a PhD student in the English department of Manchester University, 2000-2001). Lets hope she is okay.
    Brian Well.. (not full name), obese loser living around Vancouver, Canada, that likes to take it out on children – just like the others. Expelled from the group, because there was just nothing to be gotten from him anymore.
    Tom (not full name), old English schoolboy studying for a PhD in Biology at Manchester University 2000-2001. Failing his PhD he got an MPhil I think. Stereotypical pedophile, as crocodile Juz put it himself: ugly and full of shame.
    Simon Warburt…, called “Herman”, used to be a frustrated librarian in London, another failure taking his failings out on vulnerable kids, including his own. Married to librarian Louise. I think he is a gardener now.

    D Icke – has insider knowledge and distributed the reptilian theory around the world. Well, the M family likes to think they are extraterrestrians – it makes them so special !!!

    There are inofficial members of that M family. There is John M, a person from the M family in Minstead hiding with forged identity. There is “Chil”, also a member of the M family.

    Together that family and its tame followers have murdered and tortured a huge number of children. Their supply comes from children homes, see for example the article of the journalist Fairweather about the Jersey homes. Papers for hundreds of children disappeared – and so did the children.

    Its a scandal that truly is incomprehesible. How can a bunch of no-gooders do these things – and not be disturbed by any investigation? How can Britain as a country feel proud on anything, as long as it leaves this kind of human filth free to roam?

    True, the group has some police members – but that doesn’t explain the scale. It is shameful: for the members of this group, who seem to have lost all their faculties to think. Its shameful for our society as a whole. Nobody wants to take on such a bunch of loosers ? Unbelievable.

    Each member has to ask themselves – where does it all end? Obviously satan is not protecting you – because why would I be able to report it then worldwide? In fact nobody is protecting you. The “group” will watch out for you, purely out of self-interest. If you are in their way – then they get rid of you. Full stop. And that day will come.

    The mellersh cave is getting an extension – they are building a second cave in the New Forest. Its on public land. The entrance is monitored with hidden cameras in the trees.

    I should also mention, that the leader of this Mellersh cave group abuses children compulsively. He abuses for example children of friends. They get unkowingly drugged, which means, should it ever be reported to the police – the child is extremely confused and can’t distinguish right from wrong! So, if anybody thinks they have been abused in the last half year or so – get the child tested on drugs – immediately. This can be done with the hair, its not expensive. Most likely the child will be drugged with LSD – which is hardest to find traces of.

    Please pass this information on to as many people as possible. Its important this information reaches people that are affected, maybe unknowingly. There is a compulsive pervert paedophile called N M in Minstead. He had court cases, but none sticked (there was not enough proof). His victims have to suffer for the rest of their lives, knowing that he can continue. He has killed children – all under the pretext of being the kind old middle-class man. These children, they have deserved justice! They have deserved everybodys help.

  2. Gary Spencer

    P.S. It is Alan Rossati that is shown to be looking for me – if he does not still check this comments page kindly pass this message on to him somehow – I’m a little desperate.

  3. Gary Spencer

    Hi, I am shown as missing on the following link

    I am still stuck in Thailand and dearly wish/need to be in touch with my family – urgently.

    Gary Spencer.

  4. Dear Valerie, thank you for your comment, I’m so very sorry for you all. My son is 17, he’s a happy chap too. Danien looks a fine young man, a son to be proud of.

  5. Thanks for putting this information about my son, Damien Nettles. It is nearly 11 years, this coming Nov 2, 2007 since my son left the house happily saying “bye Mum” and I have not seen or heard from him since. We may be in the USA, but we are still closely working with the police. Sadly, Damien’s grandparents have both passed away, without ever knowing what happened to him.


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