Look out for me with the WAGS tomorrow


I shall be sitting with my family in a box at Manchester United tomorrow (hopefully the sun will be shining), thanks to my husband who won the VIP tickets as a prize at a corporate dinner. We have a meal and drinks included, as well as on-site car parking, pretty much five star treatment.

The reds will be playing the blues from Tottenham Hotspur and as I have one son who supports ManU, and my other son and husband supports Spurs, it is bound to be a very fraught match.

I admit I have a weakness for French footballers, my favourite was David Ginola, who was so graceful, yet exhilarating in action, (I even have a signed photo of him). Anyway, I’m sure I shall have a great time, whoever is on the pitch.

So do look out for me with the WAGS,  and if I bump into Sir Alex, I hope he will be more polite than the last time we rubbed shoulders….

And thanks to textiles company Bianca for donating such a generous prize and giving us what I know will be a thrilling day, especially for my boys.

Does anyone want to guess the score?


  1. I would enjoy the WAGS (I had to look that one up!)! The score? What score? :D)!

  2. Ian Lidster

    When I lived in England I was an Ipswich supporter, but that was because Norwich was such a talentless club. I thought with Ipswich, I was at least keeping my support in East Anglia.

  3. The result was 1-0 MU, which I did guess in our box prior to the start of the game. Although you do get pampered well in the box, it is not the same as being out on the terraces ,you can’t soak up the atmosphere from the crowd, you are coccooned in a glass box, and it was really hot and stuffy.

    Unfortunately, I missed the only goal of the game as I had just popped to the loo, but I could hear all the cheering, and guessed what had happened.

    Yes, it was a great experience and special family day out.

  4. I hope you had a wonderful time, Ellee…no doubt you did! 🙂

  5. Hope you all had a good day out, even if only one of your family was happy with the result!

  6. Spurs? The blues? They’re generally known as the Lilywhites (they wear blue on the away strip).

  7. Sounds good i hope you r eally enjoy it! :o)

  8. Such a small world. I did commentary on the Histon v Aldershot game as a favour this week. I am sure you will enjoy the Man Utd box.

    I was a guest at Old Trafford a couple of seasons back and I am still amused by the fact they had a “crowd volume” dial on the wall so you could turn up the atmosphere. My Utd supporting friend has never lived that down.

    Enjoy a great day out!

  9. How could Sir Alan have resisted you, Ellee ? I know that I wouldn’t have, you classy chick 🙂

  10. I hope the prawn sarnies are good!
    Last time I was at old Trafford it was to see a testimonial for Lou Macari, against Celtic.

  11. I have been there Ellee on a corporate thingy .Look out for the chaps from UK and Ireland they are chums and are always there. It makes me laugh the men all look like Peter Stringfellow and so do the women

  12. Best to stay off politics if you talk to Sir Alex, otherwise you’ll get the ‘hairdryer treatment’, like he gives his players when they play badly.

  13. What a fun afternoon! Given that Tottenham and ManU are big Arsenal rivals, I would, in the words of Sir alex, “hope they both lose” but I would never turn down a chance to go to Old Trafford.

    Should be good!

  14. Sally, thanks, we are rugby followers too, I have seen two games at Twickenham and they were both won by the team I supported, the Wasps, with the last try being scored in the last minute, so very riveting. I would like to watch Cambridge play sometime. James used to play the hooker and often ended with stud marks on his face, so I’m glad he is not playing rugby at the moment.

    My boys also love playing cricket, James plays for the district, and this afternoon he is joining Ely Golf Club as a junior member. We are lucky there are so many sporting opportunities around here, and not expensive, the golf is only £100 a year, so around £2 a week.

  15. Have fun Ellee…I have a son who will envy you he loves football but has never been to see a real game….just goes to watch it on the big screens with friends. Hope the sun shines for you x

    I prefer Rugby and enjoying watching Cambridge play with Geoff and Philip

  16. Jeremy, My husband has watched both Cambridge United and Histon this week, not much is happening with City.  I used to go to lots of these matches, but have taken up walking with the Ramblers insead. Tomorrow is a certainly  different and special for us.

  17. Ellee, Have a great time but what’s wrong with Cambridge United or Cambridge City, or even Histon?


    Fergie’s overpaid Prima-Donna’s in Manchester 2

    Martin Jol’s lazy laggards from N17 1

    Me, I could be off to see some real football. Margate play at Wealdstone this afternoon

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