We get David’s biopsy results today

David and I are heading off to Great Ormond Street Hospital today to get the results of his bone biopsy. We are really keen to complete his treatment before he starts university next year, but the chances are it will take much longer.

David has just started two weeks work experience at local accountants Price Bailey and feels bad about taking the second day off, but he has no choice. He is keen to make a good impression there.

Fingers crossed for today.


  1. That’s good news. It must have been an incredibly worrying time for you. I hope that the path ahead will now be clear for David.

  2. It sounds very encouraging. My best to you and your son.

  3. Huzzah! I’m glad to hear the results of the test, the sounds hopeful. I will keep him in my prayers.

  4. David is certainly very lucky too. His consultant said he hoped to be able to avoid performing surgery on David’s face, which is what worried us the most. But he told us about a little boy from Holland who would have to lose half the side of his jaw because of a growth. Poor little lad.

  5. Hi Q9, yes good news. David is still being monitored by GOS and is being referred to see another consultant because there is still uncertainty about any remaining infection.

  6. Hi Elle,
    so was it good news

  7. Georggirl, what a very worrying time you have had, your daughter must have been very, very poorly to have been admitted to hospital so many times. I’m delgihted she has made a recovery. I am hoping we have turned the corner with David. I like your line “believe in life”. Crucially, David doesn’t dwell on it, he enjoys life, we are both optimists.

  8. Wighing you all lots of luck, Ellee.

  9. Georgegirl

    Ellee ,
    This will all work out OK mark my word .
    David is young and strong and nature has a way of working things out .
    I had a child who was very sick for about 5 years , in and out of hospital , one year 14 times as emergency , now shes fit and healthy .
    Believe in life.

  10. Thanks everyone, and I have good news to report. The biopsies came back clear, but as David’s recent bone scan using nuclear medicine showed an infected area, he is going to be referred to another specialist, a Dr Novello, who specialises in infectious diseases in bones. In the past, David has been diagnosed as having fibrous dysplasia and chronic osteomyelitis. It could be that it has now cleared. I suggested that he stops taking his medication to see whether his jawbone flares up again and becomes swollen. That is what happened the last time David did this, and he was in pain for a long time before it could be managed and the swelling reduced. I think it is worth trying this again.

    Basically, we have been told that David’s condition is baffling because it is not a text book case. We are very grateful to everyone at GOS and feel confident they are doing their best.

    Thank you all again.

  11. Guthrum

    All the best

  12. Best wishes with that. I’m sure the accountancy firm will understand and if they don’t kick their beans all over the place 😉

  13. Ian Lidster

    And fingers crossed here for David, and you.

  14. Josephine

    I sent big hugs in brackets to you both – it doesn’t make sense – so thought I should say so ….

  15. Josephine

    Good luck David! – as a mum I shall be thinking of you too Ellee to you both.

  16. Wishing you all the best, Ellee. God bless, Bel.

  17. Philipa

    fingers crossed for your son, all best from Pip x

  18. fingers crossed here too Ellee

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