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image This is an appeal for any YouTube experts who can give me some technical advice. During my visit with Julian Sturdy and Yorkshire postmaster Aasif Rabbani to present their post office closure protest petition to 10 Downing Street, I made a video recording, but it hasn’t downloaded as I had hoped.

I have downloaded three excellent recordings, but when I transferred them to YouTube, only the top left hand quarter of the recording is visible, and it cuts off short.

I’ve tried downloading the recordings again and publishing it with a different name, but even though YouTube confirms this new download, it has not appeared as a published post.

I’m on Windows Vista, is there any adjustment I should make in any of my settings to resolve this difficulty? I want to get it right for Julian, to make it as perfect as possible. I also need to make some more recordings on Thursday at the sex trafficking conference I shall be attending, so I would like to get it sorted. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.


  1. I’ve just posted another link and exactly the same has happened, only a fraction of the original video is displayed:

    It’s most frustrating because it was all so easy when I practised this with Geoff last week, but he is now away snowboarding for a month, lucky Geoff.

  2. The same problem seems to be happening, the whole picture is not showing on YouTube, you can see what I mean here:

    There is a lot of background changing from an African demo at the end of 10 Downing Street.

  3. I’m starting to make some progress. I have found a Youtube link with my posts which have not been posted because it says they are duplicated, so I have just deleted the originals which I posted and were not satisfactory, so I am trying again.

  4. IC, that’s certainly a challenge and I hope I can meet it. I’m certainly impressed – and grateful by the knowledge of my readers. Thanks again.

  5. I checked back to see how you were doing… the fact that Thomas and Sheila know about codecs – I wouldn’t know a codec if it fell on me! – makes them better qualified to help.
    I look forward to seeing the videos on YouTube.

  6. Thanks Thomas and Sheila, I will try again this evening, other duties call now.

  7. Hi Elle,

    YouTube is very fussy about the codecs used to compress your video. It dislikes some of the popular mac codecs, which makes my life very difficult as I am a mac user. I’ve had the grey screen too, and had to go back to iMovie and re-export from scratch.

    YouTube’s current stated preferences are:-

    MPEG4 (DivX, Xvid, SVQ3) at 640×480 resolution, with 64k Mono MP3 Audio.

    You should be able to set up your video software to export in this format. Or it might even have a “”send to YouTube” option – the latest verision of iMovie does.

  8. Ok, the lack of sound is due to your computer not having the appropriate codecs (used to play audio & video). Click on the link and download this software. It will install all the necessary video and audio codecs your PC will need to play any media type.

    Jpeg is a picture not a video format. It seems you will have to take the video from your Video camera and install it into your PC again.

    Since you are using Vista (so am I) use “Windows Movie Maker (WMM)” it is free with Vista. Once you have the video on your PC use WMM to import the file and then save as a WMM file. That file format is 100% compatible with YouTube. I just did the same thing last week.

    PLease let me know if you need more help and if my instructions make sense.

    Thomas F. Anglero

  9. When I play the recording back from Windows Media Player, there is no volume, this happened once before when I recorded my friends Geoff and Sally and I couldn’t work it out.
    When I downloaded some practice videos on YouTube last week with Geoff from my laptop on Windows XP, it was fine, no problem at all. I’m wondering if there is a problem regarding Vista and Windows Media Player. Unfortunately, I can’t use my laptop at the moment, but could perhaps access my son’s computer if this is anything to do with it. I am also wondering if I downloaded incorrectly from the video camera and it went into the wrong file or format.

  10. I have located it under Windows Media Player with the following code: VCLP0005. Does that mean anything?

  11. I’m just searching for where I saved it, I have a hunch it could have been saved as jpg.

  12. I’ve just got to make some press calls for the next half hour re the sex trafficking conference, then I’ll check out the points you have raised.

    WW, yes, thanks for asking, David is much better, still a little spotty, but I definitely think the cause was his antibiotics which he was allergic to.

  13. Morning! I can’t help you with that, sadly, but I was wondering if your son’s better?

  14. If you put your mouse over (but don’t click) the files you downloaded on to your computer it should tell you what type of file it is…

  15. Hi Elle,

    Have you been able to take the recording from the video camera to the PC? If so, when you look at the file in Windows Explorer, what format does it say it is?

    For example, a Microsoft Word document would have .doc, PDFs are .pdf, zipped files are .zip. This might be a place to start.

    Can you provide any more information?

    Thomas F. Anglero

  16. Thanks IC, this is where I am clueless, I still have the recording on the video.

  17. Hi Ellee
    Not sure if I can help but happy to try…
    What format is the video in?


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