News at 10 and sex trafficking tonight

Do be sure to watch ITN’s News at 10 this evening and see image their dangerous undercover investigative work on sex trafficking in Eastern Europe, it’s a highly lucrative trade. I’ve just seen a trailer and it is going to be really gripping and eye-opening.

Award winning journalist Chris Rogers liaised with CHASTEChurches Alert to Sex Trafficking in Europe when working on this.

Please watch it, and do let me know what you think.

Update: This dangerous undercover investigation is being highlighted on News at 10 each night up until Thursday, please read the comments for further info, it makes compelling viewing.

The owners of this East Anglian brothel have just been jailed and it is thought the prostitutes were probably trafficked.


  1. So now we’re responsible for the failings of the Soviet era ?

    I thought the whole point of resisting Nazi Germany and ‘fighting’ the Cold War was to protect our people from exposure to hardship and degradation such as this.

    The result of abandoning borders and moral standards has resulted in these entirely predictable issues.

    In arrogantly believing that we were superior enough to save the world we’ve condemned our own children to a future for which they will curse us.

    You should be more worried that we’re being dragged down than anything else, Ellee.

  2. This news report is going to be on News at 10 every night up until Thursday. Here is what it will say:

    Part one

    The face of prostitution in the UK has changed dramatically with any estimated 25,000 sex slaves now forced to work in British brothels. Supply is meeting demand with increasing numbers of men looking for cheap often unprotected sex with prostitutes, a service mainly offered by eastern European girls, the most likely victims of human trafficking and sex slavery. Any estimated 2000 women and children are trafficked in to the UK every year for the sex trade, often these victims are from countries such as Romania where girls as young as 14 are being prostituted by local traffickers and sold on to foreign gangs.

    a bogus brothel is established in Manchester to expose the demand among British men for cheap unprotected sex with eastern European prostitutes and then travel to Romania posing as British brothel owners to uncover the countries human market that supplies hundreds of girls to real brothels in the UK.

    Part two

    Posing as British brothel owners ITN journalists uncover the sex slavery trade in Romania and purchase a 14 year old girl to rescue her from local traffickers, could the young slaves life be about to change forever?

    Part three

    In the final part of the series the ITN infiltrate the Czech underworld to expose the men who traffic young girls to British brothels. In a seven month operation Chris creates his cover as the owner of EU-rotica, a network of brothels in the UK. Chris’s business is vetted by a number of gangs and finally he wins their trust for a series of meetings that unveil a shocking trade in young girls who are rented out to British brothels like hire cars. Some of the girls as young as 17 have already been forced to work in dozens of countries including the UK. Nick Kinsella of the UK human traffic centre says, “ITN has exposed the most shocking evidence I have seen that girls are not only sold but are rented out for 3 months at a time to brothels across Europe. They are owned like animals, and treated like cattle. This proves that trafficking is just as sophisticated and organised as we feared”.

    Afraid I don’t have info on part 4.

  3. They say that human trafficking is the third most lucrative trade in the world. Third only to drugs and weapons. And it’s not only happening in Europe but in many parts of Asia as well. A lot of the girls don’t even know what they are getting themselves into until they are well and truly in it. While not all sex workers are trafficked, a good number of them are. The world should be more aware of this issue.

  4. Well said James, but sometimes young girls are lured into it without being fully aware and become trapped.
    Flowerpot, last nights News at 10 showed how this had happened to some of the girls, how easy it was to find one for sex. Tonight there will be more on how you can buy one of these girls as easily as buying an animal. Compelling viewing.

  5. These girls [and boys] are so lost. I see them and talk to them and they’ll believe the most palpable lies [to us] to escape their condition. Make no mistake – the landscape is ripe for exploitation – I could if I wanted.

    There is a distinct lack of concern for one’s neighbours in Eastern Europe [product of the Soviet era largely] and big eyes on the riches of the west. The result is a foregone conclusion and many of these girls are SO naive, truly. Put in a few unscrupulous men [and women – sometimes they’re worse] with only money in their eyes and that’s the end of the game, put down your glasses.

    To stop it, you have to educate the girls to stand up and realize how worthwhile they are and to put higher prices on themselves than they do. This is part of my work.

  6. Damn I didnt see this until too late so didn’t watch it – please update us ellee!

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