Another jungle celebrity wants to be an MP

image Whereas Esther Rantzen could be regarded as a credible political candidate, the same can’t be said for former Dollar singer David Van Day, who has apparently expressed an interest in standing as a parliamentary candidate.

He is particularly keen on contesting mid-Beds which is held by our Nadine Dorries whose blog was sensationally shut down by lawyers acting for the Daily Telegraph. Why do the celebs like the Eastern Region so much?

He plans to visit the constituency and ask the public what they think about the idea before making a decision about standing under the banner of the No Expense Party.

I found him really irritating and loathsome in the celebrity jungle where his fellow contestants described him as “conniving…like a snake in the grass”, “out for himself” and “lazy”. Not the kind of endorsement which will win votes.

This just sounds like a gimmick to me so he can have another five minutes of fame. I wonder if Katie Price or Pete Andre will throw their hat in the ring next…


  1. Let us just hope that the corrupt political class will not influence the new celebrity class.

    Check this out for a laugh

  2. David van Day wants to be an MP? Oh perish the thought! Its right put me off of buying hamburgers from mobile vans now.

  3. electro-kevin

    This is what Daniel Hannan has to say about MEP expenses. It’s most enlightening and crucial.

    The issue with regard to our own Parliamentary expenses scandal is not that our politicians were fiddling – but that they were using our money to shield themselves from the worst effects of their policies whilst they allowed Britain to go to the dogs.

    Believe me when I say that people really wouldn’t give a monkeys if all was well in Britain. We are not small minded bigots jealous of what politicians have.

  4. I’d find it difficult to vote for anyone who’d been on one of those shows. But so many of our present MPs have behaved so badly that you wonder if they could do any worse!

  5. disaffected

    Barnsley Boys , brilliant .
    Just followed link to Libertas official site and Declan Ganleys take on recent events , brilliant , hes the sort we should have representing us in the EU.

  6. Edward Devoy

    The only thing worse than these people taking up politics is the fact that they can’t do any worse than the present incumbents.
    What we need is a clean sweep and where better to start than the 4th June Euro elections vote in the only party not involved in any sleaze or scandal don’t know who that is? do some research on the web and then don’t just make a protest vote make a vote that counts.
    For a clue and a laugh check out you tube.

  7. disaffected

    Please read Simon Heffer in todays Telegraph .
    He too says that Dave should turf them out now .
    Do hope that he stands for the Saffron Walden seat !

  8. mens sana

    Jean Luc

    I’m with you-Jordan for President!

  9. mens sana

    Dear Disaffected

    Have you heard of due process?

  10. disaffected

    Having just listened to the Radio 4 early news ( Saturday ) seems that whilst Cameron continues to bleat on about how dreadful he thinks all the Westminster scandal is and how its effecting his parties standing he still fails to actually do anything but soundbites .
    Not a one of the Tories has faced a disciplinary internal hearing nor indeed had the whip removed .
    So all thats happened is that they are being allowed to continue in post till the next election ( could still be a full year away ) draw their salaries ( no doubt put in their expenses ) get a golden handshake of many thousands ( of tax payers money ) and go on to draw their MPs pensions !
    Why isnt Cameron expelling them from the party and demanding immediate resignations , or indeed calling in the police to investigate possible illegal activity , its all a disgrace.

  11. I’m sure Katie Price would get a few votes from the males!

  12. Why do the celebs like the Eastern Region so much?

    Interesting question, that.

  13. Phlipa

    Yes well Peter Andre is looking for a job isn’t he? And David Van Fukwit seems to have the skills for todays parliament.

    Incidentally the media seems brimming with comment as to how Katie Price is condescending to her husband and doesn’t bolster his ego. I have no special knowledge of her character except the little I’ve seen on TV. It seems the other way around to me as he constantly complains about her and appeals for sympathy to the camera. She made a fortune with nothing but a pretty face and fake boobs. What’s he done? A one-hit-wonder has-been pop singer famous for nothing but a ‘six pack’ and marrying her. When is this husband going to celebrate his wife?

  14. We could just switch the Lords into the Commons and choose another set of Lords by randomly picking names out of regional phone books?

  15. Jordan and Peter can be the new Ed & Yvette….or the Wintertons. Maybe they won’t proceed with their divorce after all. *shock, horror*

  16. Susan

    He of course previously stood as a Conservative candidate in local elections in Brighton. Perhaps he isn’t convinced by Saint David’s recent conversion? Your description of him seems quite accurate – I would have thought he’d be an ideal Tory candidate!

  17. electro-kevin

    Great tactic by Gordon Brown.

    Divert fire onto MEP expenses which is, by all accounts, likely to dwarf those MPs’ expenses.

    As 80% of our laws are created by the EU does it really matter if the Commons is made up of Z list celebs ?

  18. Sounds gimmicky to me too!!!

    PS: I sorted my blog out, thanks 🙂

  19. Hmm I wonder if Jodie Marsh will try her luck in Romford!

  20. disaffected

    Nadine Dories should be glad that all the Barclay brothers did was ” take down ” part of her blog .
    Not content with having a go at the Telegraph for ” hounding ” MPs in a ” witch hunt ” she then went on to suggest possible motivations .
    Read all about it on Guido Fawkes blog.
    Yet another silly Tory woman.

  21. Now that is a frightening thought!

  22. He may be totally different in real life… when not acting up to the cameras 🙂


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