Nigel Farage’s amazing escape Farage
Looking at the crumpled wreckage of this plane crash, someone above must clearly be looking after Nigel Farage and I am amazed how he escaped without serious injuries.

I believe he is still be in hospital being treated for broken ribs and other minor injuries where he seems to be catching up with his emails. Last night he accepted a recent request of mine to become one of his Facebook friends where his well wishers have left their get well messages.

I first encountered Nigel when I was writing an academic report about the success of UKIP and the strategy they used during the 2004 Euro Elections for a degree I wanted to study. I called and left a message on his answerphone saying I was a research student and asked if he would return my call. I was amazed that he called back, not just once as I was out the first time, but twice. Politicians get inundated with requests like this, and I was thrilled with his interest in my project, and the time he gave in answering my questions. My tutor was impressed with my empirical interviews and I was awarded a distinction.

A couple of weeks later I was sipping a coffee in the lobby of the European Parliament in Brussels during a visit to my MEP Robert Sturdy when Nigel breezed past me. I couldn’t resist introducing myself as the mature student he had helped recently and explained about my day job for the first time. We sat and had a coffee together, and an invitation for dinner followed if I was ever to return. My personal experience of him is that he is a decent guy, and like many others, I wish him a good recovery. We need a few more colourful maverick politicians like Nigel.

I was driving with my family last night and we were talking about the plane crash when my 17-year-old son surprised me by saying that he had read a UKIP leaflet and agreed with it. My husband piped in and said he agreed with their policies too and would have voted UKIP if it had not risked letting Brown remain in government. This ConservativeHome report analysis UKIP support during the general election and asks if this cost the Tories a Commons majority. Of course it did.

*UPDATE a short while later: Nigel is released from hospital and declares that he must be the luckiest man alive. Too true!!

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  1. He had a lucky escape, Ellee.

    My 1000th post is up now.

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