Capello should learn from Gordon Brown

Fabio Capello should follow Gordon A German fan holds up a banner that reads 'Goodbye England'  following England's defeat in South Africa yesterdayBrown’s example of how to handle a shocking and humiliating defeat. Brown resigned with dignity as Labour Party leader following this year’s general election results and his heavy losses; it was a clear sign of no confidence from voters in the country.  Fabio Capello should do the same following England’s worst ever World Cup defeat. I imagine he will have resigned by the end of today, he will have been forced to quit  by the FA. Crucially, like Brown, he no longer has the confidence of supporters in this country either.

I only saw the second half of the match as I was out with friends for lunch, and it was impossible not to be impressed by the sheer energy and skill portrayed by a much stronger German team. Of course we need to use modern technology to help referees make correct decisions so a rightful goal is not disallowed; I can understand that the appalling decision to disallow England’s second goal must have demoralised our overpaid multi millionaire players – but it is the scale of the 4-1 defeat that is the main issue.  Is it time for performance related pay to be introduced to get some fire in their bellies – and their boots!

When I returned home, the England flag which my house full of men had hung up from a first floor window with much hope and pride, had been thrown out of the window and lay forlornly on the driveway in a crumpled heap- just like Capello’s standing and reputation as England’s football manager… 


  1. Love the part about humiliating our overpaid multi-millionaire players…..isn’t that so true! 🙂

  2. Capello cleverly managed to get a new contract out of the FA before the World Cip, making it expensive to pay him off.

  3. Claudia

    Capello should stay. His work is incomplete. We need someone to turn the team around and apart from Alex Ferguson, I can’t think of a home grown manager who could fill the post. I doubt if Ferguson would want the job. So who else?

  4. stephen

    He won’t resign, he got the FA to agree to cancel any get out clause two weeks ago. He now has a watertight two year contract for £6 million a year! It will cost the FA plenty to get rid of him.
    Pity he wasn’t as good at getting the players to perform as he was negotiating his contract.
    As`Richard Littlejohn commented, if we had to rely on this lot to defend us during the last war, then we would all be speaking German now!

  5. Hi Ellee.. I have no thoughts about the match at all , or the England team for that matter. But I know that their are lots and lots of supporters out there.

    As for Brown .. He stepped down with dignity.. lets hope Cameron will do the same one day unless he can turn things around. So far he is not impressing anyone.. and what about his stooge George Osbourne… Who has attacked the least well off, Single mums, people on DLA… and people on benefits,also the middle wage earners, A massive VAT rise .. and the pensioners.. also the pensions that people worked their guts out for… Forces pensions for instance, hit because you have another job.. what else are you meant to do when you leave the Forces at 40 ish.. Well what about the RICH!!! I am furious and worried for not just me but for my sons and their families, who were doing ok ..bit unsure how they are going to fare now.

    Then you see them celebrating at a lavish champagne party ..

    Show us a bit more respect.. He wanted to be in power and he is because of us!!

  6. He should also change his outfit – too depressing to watch him and Beckham in their shades of grey.

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