The Missing – Carole Day

I have been asked to highlight the mysterious disappearance of Carole Day, a British ex-pat living in Hong Kong, who travelled to Manila in the Philipines on a business trip on 10th Septe and has vanished in thin air. A dedicated facebook site has been set up where her son Jai appeals for information of her whereabouts.

Carole, 56, who is from Stoke and a 5ft 4ins strawberry blonde, went to the Philippines on a business trip and was staying at The Corporate Inn. She was intending to fly to Thailand on the 11th/12th September from Cebu, but did not arrive at her destination and has been completely out of contact since the 12th. She was due to arrive back in Hong Kong on 15th September for a number of important events, including a funeral.

The latest post on facebook is a message from Jai saying he is en route to Manila.

Let’s hope and pray that Carole is found safe and well.

A message on the site says: “At present we believe it is likely she is still in the Philippines (Manila or Cebu). Any details no matter how seemingly trivial will be greatly appreciated. Please contact her son, Jai Day, at any time.”

Jai’s contact details are: +(852) 9633 3071

Update 24 September: Carole, who is 56,  works in interior design and the furniture business and was travelling to Thailand to close down a showroom. She is a former long distance runner and model and the widow of a judge. It doesn’t appear that she caught her flight. Please read the comments for more details reported in the South China Morning Post.

The person who alerted me to Carole’s disappearance said she is the mother of a friend, and that I had previously written about another friend who had gone missing in Cambodia, Eddie Gibson.

The London Evening Standard reports on Carole’s disappearance.

In memory of those who are still missing.


  1. Maria Makiling

    By the way, here are the last 3 blogs of William Miller before his death. His articles shows and describes in details the happiness and joys he has found in my country. It is just sad that he was killed allegedly by his partner (a Dutch) who is also linked with Miss Carole Day (her business partner).

    • According to background information and common knowledge, the Dutch business partner is linked in both cases. It is also true, the two people riding tandem on the motorcycle that shot William Miller 5 times with a .45 cal pistol – were unquestionably Filipios. It is also very likely, that such criminal conduct involving a Ducth foreigner would not go undetected or unpunished – UNLESS there is a powerful Filipino official providing protection and cover.

  2. Maria Makiling

    This is really very, very sad. A foreigner partner killing his business partners who are foreigners also. Very, very sad and we Filipinos get blame for their (foreigners) actions…..sick

    Tschai Ma linked with Miller murder
    Thursday, January 27
    Dutch national Tschai Shun Ma is being linked with the Miller murder last December 16, 2010. US national William Miller was on his way to meet Tschai Shun Ma, whom he reportedly was involved with as a partner at Ma’s furniture factory in Angeles.

    In 2010 September, another person linked to Tschai Ma, allegedly another partner in the furniture industry, a British woman named Carole Day disappeared in the Philippines after being involved with Ma. She was last seen by Ma himself in a furniture showroom situated in Makati, Manila. It was reported that blood stains were found in the showroom, however, no further details regarding a DNA test are known.

    Tschai Shun Ma’s background in the Netherlands
    Members of the Dutch community have revealed that Tschai Shun Ma, who has used different nicknames including ‘Paul Ma’, has a background of fraud in the Netherlands having swindled numerous businesses and individuals.

    In the Philippines, there have been allegations of fraud by Ma, however, these still remain unproven.

    The fact that Miller was on his way to visit Ma at his furniture factory in Angeles City when he was shot is another point that adds suspicion to investigators. Ma would likely have had been the only one to know his planned route and departure.

    In the meantime, numerous persons have posted information in the comment section below that could be critical in solving the William Miller, Carole Day and possibly more murders both in the Philippines as well as in the Netherlands. Investigators are urging the public to spread this article around in order to collect even more valuable information and to revive the investigation(s) into what could be numerous crimes.

  3. The Philippines is very dangerous – especially if a foreigner is conducting business there! The number of foreigners killed/disappeared while on a trip to the Philippines junket – is long and historical that goes back to the 1970’s.

    These are facts…and many are quick to assume that these incidents are linked to shady transactions – they were not. A simple case of murder for money – or murder to transform a partnership to a single owned business is more than enough to get a person killed.

    The Philippines ranks as one of the most treacherous places on earth to extend trust (or money) in any relationship – personal or professional.

    There is simply NO threat of consequence for criminal conduct. The PNP and NBI are inept, lazy and corrupt as the day is long –

    • jonathanhurder

      Just want to say I am a businessman in the Philippines and what you are saying here is totally exaggerated. I’ve been working here for nearly 20 years and wouldn’t want to be any where else.

      I hope, however, Tschai Ma gets investigated in full depth

      • Exaggerated? The statistical numbers speak for themselves – A hundred murdered foreigners killed by various corrupt Filipinos in the last 20 years… The cops PNP and NBI (palace thugs) are some of the most corrupt….How can you dispute that?

        • Jonathan Hurder

          Well I as a foreigner can tell you with my 20 years of successful experience here that you are completely over-exagerrating.

    • Maria Makiling

      Dear Jody G…. You are over exaggerating. Most probably you are a foreigner (a Dutch perhaps???/). I am a Filipino and if we Filipinos always treat foreigners with the out most hospitality.

      Anyway, here is the latest news regarding Carole Day. You might want to read it first and stop being judgmental to us Filipinos.

  4. I wonder what’s the latest status of Carole’s case, my friend Billy Miller who had been an ex pat of the same business man in furniture with Carole had been killed on Dec 16th of this year…

  5. Here is another link about the death of Tschai Shun Mo’s business partner William Henry Miller in Angeles City.

  6. You may have already read this, but I want to be sure you see this. Appears Carole’s partner Tschai was also a partner of an American expat just murdered in Pampanga.

    American bar manager killed near city’s border
    Friday, December 17

    At around lunch time yesterday, police found the body of William Henry Miller, an American national with business ventures in Angeles City, at a service road between a watermelon plantation in Barangay Capaya in this city.

    Elements of Police Station 3 (near City Hall) led by station commander PCI Romeo P. Castro found the victim lying face-down on the road with his right foot jammed under a black motorcycle, and the body having sustained multiple gunshot wounds. The victim was confirmed as Miller through a copy of the OR & CR of said motorcycle.

    Allegedly, Miller was on his way to meet his business partner Tschai Shun Ma, a Dutch national, at their furniture factory in Barangay Capaya. On his way, he was intercepted by two unidentified gunmen on board a black Honda TMX motorcycle who shot Miller from behind. One witness, a security guard, was first at the location after he had heard successive gun shots nearby. Another witness, a local “Bantay Bayan” or barangay police, meanwhile hurried to the location after a passerby motorist reported a possible hit-and-run victim lying on the road.

    Miller’s body was brought to Galang Funeral Parlor along MacArthur Highway in Dau, Mabalacat. Police are currently investigating the case and, while the motive is still to be determined, it is likely business-related. Miller was the former marketing manager for Eruptions Bar along Perimeter Road some years back. He left Eruptions and later became part of a group behind Willie Pigs Bar.

    On a positive side, local PNP have responded to and caught the perpetrators in almost all of the reported murders in Angeles City this year.

    • DJ, no, I didn’t know this, and many thanks for the link. The police will no doubt be investigating any possible connection.

      I feel deep sadness for Carole’s family and the suffering and helplessness they must be experiencing.

  7. The desperate search continue and police step up their search, according to this local news report:

    Search stepped up for Brit missing in Manila

    Wednesday, October 13, 2010

    Philippine authorities have stepped up their search for a British woman who went missing during a business trip to Manila, amid suspicions of foul play.

    Carole Day, 56, a long-time Hong Kong resident, was last seen a month ago in Makati City. Investigators said her relatives and friends have put up a 200,000 peso (about HK$35,500) reward for any information on her whereabouts.

    “She seems to have vanished into thin air,” a National Bureau of Investigation spokesman said. “We are intensifying our efforts in trying to locate her … we are asking everyone who may have vital information to help in the search.”

    Day, an interior decorator, is the widow of District Court Judge Richard Day and lives in Hong Kong with sons Jai, 24, and Jamie, 21.

    She arrived in Manila on September 10 to visit Danish business partners at a showroom they operate in Makati.

    She was last seen by her business partners at the showroom two days later.

    She spoke to them of plans to fly to either the central Philippine island of Cebu or to Phuket in Thailand.

    Day was due to return to Hong Kong on September 15.

    The Philippine immigration bureau said there are no records of her leaving the country.

    Day frequently visited Manila and Cebu for her furniture and interior decoration businesses.

    Police initially thought it was a case of kidnapping, but are now looking at possible foul play as Day’s family has not received any ransom demand.

    Bloodstains found at the showroom where she was last seen have raised the likelihood of foul play, the Philippine Daily Inquirer said, citing a senior investigation official.

    The British Embassy in Manila is coordinating closely with the police as well as Day’s family in the search effort.

    Her sons launched an appeal for information on Facebook. AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE and STAFF REPORTER

  8. Reward offered for information about Carole, who has been missing for almost a month.

    NBI offers P200K for info on missing British woman
    10/08/2010 | 04:44 PM
    Email the Editor Print Share This
    The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) is offering a P200,000 reward for any information on the whereabouts of British woman who has been missing for almost a month now, its spokesperson said Friday.

    NBI spokesperson Cecilio Zamora said that friends and relatives of Carole Day, the Hong Kong-based British entrepreneur who has been missing since September 12, raised the amount as reward for any information on her whereabouts.

    “Sa mga kaibigan at kamag-anak manggagaling ang pabuya. Ang hindi lang malinaw sa akin ay kung na-turnover na ‘yung pera sa aming Manila office,” he said in a phone interview on Friday.

    (The reward will come from her friends and relatives. What’s not clear to me is if the money has already been turned over to our Manila office.)

    Zamora added that NBI has no updates yet on Day’s case as of posting time. He, however, maintained that the agency has already ruled out kidnapping as an angle since no ransom demands have been received.

    “Wala pang bagong anggulo. Kailangan talaga ng bagong impormasyon,” he said. (We have no new angle. We really need new information.)

    The Hong Kong newspaper South China Morning Post reported early last month that Day went missing after checking in at a hotel in Manila for a business trip. She has been completely out of contact since September 12, according to the report.

    Local immigration officials already said that based on their records, Day never left the Philippines since the day she was reported missing.

    A Facebook page has already been put up by Day’s son, Jai Day, to gather information on her mother’s whereabouts. Jai has already flown to Manila to search for his mother, and said that all agencies involved are “giving 100%” cooperation to solve the case.

    In a Sept. 28 interview by Julius Segovia of GMANews, Day’s son Jai said that based own his own knowledge, his mother arrived in the country on Sept. 10. She was supposed to have returned to Hong Kong on Sept. 15, but had not gone back since.

    According to the GMA News report, Day had checked into the Corporate Inn in Manila upon arrival. Hotel officials said the British woman had stayed for just nearly two days. On the morning of Sept. 12, she had called for a taxi and was heard to be going to Makati.

    According to Jai’s Facebook page, her mother was “last seen at the LRI Design Studio by her business partner at 9:30 a.m. on the 12th of September.” The business partner, who was not identified, said Day was planning to make a trip to Cebu and Thailand.

    Jai said his mother has not contacted him or any relative or friend that he knows of since Sept. 12, but at first he merely assumed that “she was busy.”

    Day, a resident of Hong Kong for the past 20 years, is said to be familiar with the Philippines as she visits the country “several times a month because of her furniture and interior décor business,” according to the GMA News report. —JV, GMANews.TV

  9. I’ve just heard from Jai today who tells me a reward has been offered, and has to deal with fake ransom demands:

    Since last time… there have been laughable fake ransoms, extortion attempts and false information, but little in the way of solid progress.
    There was a press conference yesterday where the NBI announced a reward of 200 000 pesos, I have friends and family working on charitable donations.
    Other than that, there is little to report. The NBI have suggested I get the input of a psychic, which is worth a shot. I’ll be doing that shortly.

    I have recommended the psychic Dennis McKenzie:

  10. The Daily Mail reports on Carole’s disappearnace, 1 October 2010:

    Fears for former British model, 56, missing for three weeks in Philippines

    By Richard Shears
    Last updated at 1:24 PM on 1st October 2010

    Police hold grave fears for a British mother-of-two who has been missing in the Philippines for nearly three weeks during a month in which three UK men have been murdered.

    Carole Day, 56, vanished from her hotel in Manila on September 12 and police admit they have no clues as to her whereabouts or what could have happened to her.

    The widow of a High Court judge who was based in Hong Kong, Mrs Day had travelled to the Philippines to meet contacts in the interior design and furniture business.
    Missing: Carole Day, 56, has not been seen since September 12, when she was due to leave Manila, the capital of the Philippines

    Missing: Carole Day, 56, has not been seen since September 12, when she was due to leave Manila, the capital of the Philippines

    A former long-distance runner and model, she had been due to fly to Thailand on September 12 but did not arrive at Manila airport and there has been no word of her since.

    Mrs Day’s 25-year-old son Jai, who has flown to Manila to help national police in the hunt for his mother, said he and his 21-year-old brother Jamie were ‘extremely worried’.

    Their father, Justice Richard Day, died six years ago and their mother had kept in constant touch with her sons whenever she travelled.
    Happy family: Mrs Day here pictured with her 25-year-old son Jai, who has searched all of Manila’s hospitals without finding his mother

    Happy family: Mrs Day here pictured with her 25-year-old son Jai, who has searched all of Manila’s hospitals without finding his mother

    ‘She’s the kind of person who phones several times a day to see how things are,’ he said.

    ‘She gave us no sign that anything was untoward.’

    Mrs Day, originally from Stoke-on-Trent, was last seen at a furniture showroom in Manila.

    She had then been due to fly to Phuket, in Thailand’s south, before flying to Hong Kong for a friend’s funeral. She was also due to fly to London last week for a wedding.
    Manila: A number of westerners have been killing in the past month in the Philippines

    Manila: A number of westerners have been killed in the past two months

    Jai has been to all the hospitals in Manila and there are no unidentified Western women there.

    He said he doubted that his mother had been kidnapped because there had been no ransom demand.

    A spokeswoman for the British Embassy in Manila said they had been alerted to Mrs Day’s disappearance. ‘We are giving her family full consular assistance,’ she said.

    Three British men have been murdered in the Philippines since the start of September.

    The first was Scotsman John Macdonald, 28, who was stabbed to death by the boyfriend of a woman Mr Macdonald had befriended.

    Next came the shooting murder of British businessman Anthony Nicolas, 64, from London, who died when he and his wife were ambushed.

    Then came the shooting death of sea captain Bruce Jones, 50, who was believed to have been the victim of a gun-running cartel.

    Two American men have also been shot dead in the Philippines this month.

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    The comments below have been moderated in advance.

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    i would recommend her family read the book, not without my son. ( or something along these lines) . it is a harrowing story of a family that had to sell everything, to get their sons killer ( his wife paid a hit man) …… He lived in the philippines, had 2 children, and the wife paid for hime too be killed… His parents had too pay policeman too do the job of convicting the wife… they sold their house, and eventually got the kids… she is now in jail in manila…………..,

    – chris, london, 01/10/2010 14:11

    Generally speaking the Philippines is no more dangerous than other SE Asian countries, or the UK for that matter. There have been a number on incidents recently, but that is unusual and I have to say, that when foreigners do find themselves in trouble it is often because they have become involved in something murky. The Aberdeen man stabbed by the jealous boyfriend of his internet “girlfriend” was a sad victim of the kind of thing that can happen anywhere with cross-border cyber dating.

    Read more:

    Generally speaking, YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKIING ABOUT!!! as a Filipino, I know that my countrymen have a lot less than the West and therefore are happier to take risks to provide for their families. Philippines is no more dangerous than the U.K? the most dangerous thing in the U.K is Brits who have opinions on things they know nothing about.

    – Makati, Kings, 01/10/2010 13:40

    John of London…a typical new Labour sort of response – cloud the issue with over-exaggerated twaddle…whoever expects an organisation to ‘drop everything’ as you put it and ‘ dedicate its entire resources’ blah blah…utter garbage and deliberately confrontational. All that is expected is that the respective department at the consulate do its damn job. It is my experience that they are only there for the sun and the round of diplomatic parties.
    – AH, Loughton, 1/10/2010 10:57

    OK, AH. As you know it all, can you please enlighten us as to how exactly the British Embassy in Manila is failing in its job? A spokeswoman has said: ‘We are giving her family full consular assistance,’ What else are they supposed to say? Your whinging and your silly perception of foreign consulates suggests to me that it is you who has more in common with the moaning left-wing than you realise

    – john, London, 01/10/2010 12:35

    Generally speaking the Philippines is no more dangerous than other SE Asian countries, or the UK for that matter. There have been a number on incidents recently, but that is unusual and I have to say, that when foreigners do find themselves in trouble it is often because they have become involved in something murky. The Aberdeen man stabbed by the jealous boyfriend of his internet “girlfriend” was a sad victim of the kind of thing that can happen anywhere with cross-border cyber dating.

    Certainly the Philippines is a poor country but the people are universally friendly and welcoming. English is widely spoken and the standard of education is high. Advice to travelers: women in particular traveling alone should be very careful and that applies just about anywhere in the developing world; don’t get involved in crime of any kind; don’t forget that Filipinos have a highly developed sense of self-esteem (amor proprio), so even minor loss of face can lead to dangerous consequences

    – keith, London, 01/10/2010 11:12

    John of London…a typical new Labour sort of response – cloud the issue with over-exaggerated twaddle…whoever expects an organisation to ‘drop everything’ as you put it and ‘ dedicate its entire resources’ blah blah…utter garbage and deliberately confrontational. All that is expected is that the respective department at the consulate do its damn job. It is my experience that they are only there for the sun and the round of diplomatic parties.

    – AH, Loughton, 01/10/2010 10:57

    The Phillipines is a dangerous and corrupt country, the police are as bad as the criminals.

    – John Gee, London, England, 01/10/2010 10:32

    Read more:

  11. This is a video of Carole’s disappearance from the Philipine’s main TV network, GMA TV:

  12. Carole’s disappearance is in today’s Daily Telegraph:

    And friend Mike Cehung writes about it on a GMA News TV story saying:

    (Carole Day believed in the innate goodness of the Philippino people…I’ve met Carole before and she is a wonderful woman. Please help in any way you can! Please go to for a photo of Carole.)

  13. The London Evening Standard reports on Carole’s disappearance:

    Fears were growing today for a British businesswoman who has gone missing in the Philippines.

    Friends and family have launched a Facebook appeal to find Carole Day, 56, who was last seen in Manila 12 days ago.

    The ex-pat, who runs a furniture business, was in the city visiting one of her showrooms before she was due to fly to Thailand on the day she vanished.

    Mrs Day lives in Hong Kong, where her late husband Richard was a high court judge, with their sons Jai, 25, and Jamie, 21.

    Jai, an actor, has flown to Manila to help find her. He told the Standard: “We’re a very close family – Dad passed away six years ago so it’s just the three of us.

    “My brother and I are very worried. Mum’s the kind of person who would phone you three times a day just to see how you are. When I last spoke to her she was fine, normal. It’s a mystery.”

    Mrs Day checked out of her hotel in Manila on 12 September and was last seen at her showroom that morning. She had been due to fly to Phuket and then back to Hong Kong in time for a friend’s funeral three days later.

    She was also due in London this week for a wedding.

    Mr Day said: “I spent all day at the airport yesterday. According to the flight manifests and immigration records she hasn’t left the Philippines.

    “I’ve been to all the hospitals and there are no unidentified women of her description. She had no reason to go missing, and if she’d been kidnapped we would have had a ransom. It’s been nearly two weeks and I have no idea what might have happened. It’s very frustrating.”

    Interpol and officials from the British Embassy are involved in the investigation and people from across the world have been offering help through Facebook. Mr Day hopes they will throw up clues, but is appealing for the public to help in the search.

    A spokesman for the Foreign Office said: “We are aware of the case and are providing consular assistance.”

  14. There is still no news of Carole. Jai’s groundwork supporters in the UK are doing all they can. This is one of the Facebook messages he has:

    Jai, we’re doing whatever we can from the UK. Gavin is contacting the Salvation Army’s Missing Persons Officer in the Philippines, and Paul (through a contact in the Vatican) is trying to get in touch with the Papal Nuncio in the Philippines. Given the enormously powerful position of the Catholic Church in the Philippi…nes, that could be very helpful. I shall ask around among International Politics colleagues at Oxford University and make use of any contacts I can unearth. We’re all thinking of you, Jamie and Carole, and we send you all our love. You know where we are if you need anything we can offer. Stay strong. Chris.

  15. This is what the South China Morning Post reports today about the disappearance of Carole Day:

    A Hong Kong mother of two has been missing for 11 days after flying to the Philippines on September 10.
    Carole Day, the widow of District Court Judge Richard Day, was last seen by her Philippine business partner, Tschai Ma, on September 12 in Manila’s Makati business district. She had planned to continue on to Cebu and also to fly briefly to Thailand before returning to Manila to fly back to Hong Kong. The Hong Kong-Manila flights were booked ahead, with the return set for September 15.

    Day’s older son, Jai Day, 24, does not know in what order his mother planned to visit Cebu and Thailand. “But I’ve been told by immigration here that she never left the Philippines,” he said.

    What has deeply concerned relatives and friends is that Day was due to return on September 15 to attend a close friend’s funeral. “She just wouldn’t have missed that,” close friend and business associate Mina Mahtani said. “I’ve known Carole for 18 years. She’s very reliable and would do anything for a friend. But Carole is too honest, that’s the problem, she trusts people too much.”

    Mahtani, who has a boutique in Hollywood Road called Maya where Day sometimes works with her, said Day was also due to host a friend from Britain a few days later. “She was also going to a wedding in England and she’d been preparing for that for the past six months.”

    Jai Day, an actor based in Los Angeles, flew to Manila on Wednesday to try to find his mother. By yesterday, he said, he had checked with the two main airlines that fly to Cebu and she was not on the manifest of either.

    Carole Day has lived in Hong Kong for 22 years and was sourcing decorative items for a local hotel through her company, Ginger Lily, on the trip. The last confirmed sighting of the 56-year-old businesswoman was her meeting on September 12 with Ma at the LRI Design Plaza.

    “I last saw her at 9.15am or 9.30am [on Sunday, September 12], Ma said. “She stayed in the showroom to do some pricing [on items she was selling there]. I left her to go to the factory in Pampanga, about two hours’ drive away.” Day had ordered a metal ornamental branch with leaves for the hotel, and he was visiting the factory to get the item made in time for Day to take it back to Hong Kong.

    Day, a former long-distance runner and model, had already checked out of her hotel, The Corporate Inn, when Ma saw her on September 12. “We had meetings on [September] 10, 11 and 12. She always travelled light. She had a big handbag, but I don’t know whether she was carrying everything in there.”

    Before returning to Hong Kong, Day was due to pick up some cushions in Cebu. She was planning to fly to Thailand to shut down a showroom that had experienced problems in the economic downturn. “She was positive, she said it was a fresh start,” Ma said. “She was fit, she was happy.”

    Ma and friends have checked all Manila hospitals and a friend was asking at Cebu hospitals yesterday.
    Jai Day has spoken to the Philippine and Hong Kong police, the British missions in Hong Kong and Manila as well as the Philippine consulate in Hong Kong.

    Mahtani said: “The Philippine vice-consul gave us a personal interview. She was very friendly and helpful. After all those murders in Manila [of eight Hongkongers by a former police officer in the August 23 bus hijacking], the consulate have made it very clear to the Philippine police that this is a Hong Kong resident and it should be given top priority.”

    Jai Day has set up a Facebook page: Missing: Carole Day. His e-mail address is

  16. Liz, please keep us updated of any news.

  17. Liz McAlister

    Jai is a close friend of mine. Thank you so much for helping to raise awareness through your blog.

  18. This is the updated info about Carole’s movements from the dedicated Facebook site. Her son is actively putting up Missing posters today and contacting the media there:

    Full timeline so far:

    Friday 10th September
    Jai dropped Carole at HKG airport for her 10.40am flight to Manila on Cebu pacific (flight no. 5j 111) on the 10th of September 2010. She arrived in Manilla and met her business partner at the LRI showroom at around 4 pm. At around the same time Carole called her friend’s house at which she was planning on staying in Phuket speaking to the Housekeeper to inform them of her intended arrival the next day (Sept 11th) at 3pm. Carole and business partners worked and then had some beers (purchased from the local petrol station but consumed at the studio) in the early evening.
    Business partner dropped Carole off at the Corporate inn at 7pm. Carole realized she had forgotten her Jacket at the showroom and informs Tschai via text message.

    Saturday 11th September
    Carole calls the residence of friend in Phuket again to inform of her delayed arrival. She again speaks to the housekeeper. She now plans to arrive in Phuket on Sept 12th at 5pm.
    2/3 pm business partner arrives at Corporate Inn with Carole’s Jacket. Remains for one hour and leaves.

    Sunday 12th September
    Carole checks out of the Corporate Inn hotel at 7.30am and proceeds to board a street taxi (i.e. not a hotel taxi). She arrives at LRI showroom at 8.30/8.45am. business partners are already there.
    Carole begins unpacking 2 Ama’s bags (large, square, chequered plastic bags) full of small items and pricing them.
    9.30/9.40am – business partners leave. Carole remains still unpacking/pricing items.
    This is the last known point of contact
    When the business partners left she was roughly half way through unpacking. Estimated guess as to completion time is 1030-11.30am.

    They left to work on the design of a matellic ‘leaf’ that she was producing for the Regal hotel HK.

    As they leave she tells them that she plans to fly to Cebu and Phuket. She did not clarify in what order.

    Monday 13th September
    Business partner arrives at showroom. showroom manager is also present. All items from the bags have been neatly stacked, lights have been turned off in the showroom and the door has been locked. No sign of struggle.

    Last contact
    She was last seen at the LRI design studio by her business partner at 9.30am on the 12th of September. When he left she told him she was going to Cebu and Thailand. It is not certain in which order, but he believes that the intention was to head to Cebu first.

    Immigration status
    According to Filipino immigration Carole has not left the Philippines, but they are unable to check internal flights (so she could be anywhere in the Philippines – Manila or Cebu). Jai is going to the head offices of PAL and Cebu pacific (followed by every smaller airline that flies Mnl-Cbu) this morning to recover flight manifests. Will post details asap.

    Confirmation of HKG-MNL roundtrip – G9IYST.

    Round trip details:
    Cebu pacific
    Sep 10th HK – MNL (NAIA T3) flight no. 5j 111: 10.40am – 12.40pm
    Sep 15th MNL (NAIA T3) – HK flight no. 5j 118: 4.40pm – 6.40pm

    Thailand Phone details:
    Carole called the residence of friend in Phuket twice and both times spoke to the housekeeper.
    The first call was on Sept 10th (Friday) 4pm – to inform of her arrival in Phuket on the 11th (Saturday) at 3pm.
    The second call was on Sept 11th (Saturday) – to inform of her delayed arrival in Phuket on the 12th (Sunday) at 5pm.

    Actions so far:
    UK Embassy – in HK and Phil
    Phil Embassy in HK
    Both have been in touch with Bureau of Foreign affairs.
    HK Police, contact IVY
    Tracked phone records (no use of HK phone for calling in Phil)
    HK account has not been accessed outside of normal
    UK account Lloyds bank credit card details attempting to be tracked.
    Unable to track text messages sent while in Phil.
    Filipino police
    Contacted – no results – no effort
    Suggested it may be notorious Manila gang Drug – Kidnap – use credit cards
    Immigration (via UK Embassy in Phil)
    Carole did not leave the Philippines
    Radio/TV – Mina –
    Apparently there has been broadcasts but I have not seen them
    Annemarie SCMP
    Running a story in today’s (23rd) paper.
    Friends and Tschai contacted all Manila hospitals – no luck
    Friends will continue to contact Cebu hospitals.

    Plans today – go to PAL/Cebu pacific – retrieve manifests
    contact Filipino kidnap specialist team
    Missing posters – everywhere. Ermita, Airport, Makati
    TV/radio stations

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