Win tickets for Social PR 2011

Are you one of my lucky readers?

I have two free tickets to give to blog readers who would like to attend this terrific social media marketing conference entitled, “How to Survive and Thrive in a World of Real-Time Communications”. It is being held in London on Monday 28 February.

Billed as Social PR 2011, the topics covered are vital for today’s PR comms and social media professionals.  Please click on this link for full details Here are some of the hot topics which will be covered on the day:

  • The Convergence of Social PR and Marketing
  • How to identify influencers & create brand advocates
  • Reputation management tools & techniques
  • Crisis management & prevention
  • ROI and PR: New measures of success
  • Real-time PR case studies

Tickets cost £145 for the day (a bargain compared to the prices charged by my others), and includes lunch, refreshments and great networking opportunities too with like minded people – but you can go for free if you enter my competition. All you need to do to win is tell me who  your social media guru is that you most admire. Is there anybody you follow that has influenced and encouraged you in the way you use social media? There are two names that stand out for me – Geoff Jones who started me off with blogging five years ago, and Ian McKendrick, for creating my new website and being passionate about his SuperBlogs and how they can help businesses.

I really enjoy the social media conferences organised by Luke Brynley-Jones and Murray Newlands of Influence People as their work is cutting edge and they are passionate about sharing knowledge and information via their great contacts and speakers, such as Giles Palmer, (pic) founder and CEO of Brandwatch, who is a recognised expert on social media monitoring technology and data. He has led Brandwatch from a UK Government-funded project to a leading social media analysis company with a global customer-base.

Learning just one new tip from him will surely be enough to make the day worthwhile for you and your clients.


  1. First come, first serve, so I declare Sheila and Mark worthy winners. I will get in touch with the organisers to pass on your details. Many thanks, and I hope you have a great day.

  2. Mark, Yes, I agree, I know Antony and have been an avid follower of his blog. He is a great social media guru.

  3. Mark Hanson

    Hi Ellie

    I’d like to nominate Antony Mayfield of iCrossing. He got me into social 5 years ago and is absolute genius!

  4. Hi Ellee, please enter me into the contest! My social media guru is Mark Pack, he was Head of Innovations for the Lib Dems and is now at Mandate.

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