Why aren’t TechGuys using Twitter?

I’ve been reading Shel Israel’s book Twitterville about how businesses can thrive using Twitter as a successful communication tool and wondered why the TechGuys didn’t do this. They describe themselves on their website as the “friendly face of support for P.C. World and Curry’s“.

Yet what evidence is there of this when they have so many dissatisfied customers who are searching the internet to vent their anger, many of them finding a post I wrote describing my difficulties which were fortunately resolved with some assistance from Lord Kalm’s office.

I see that TechGuys have signed up with Twitter, but they are not using it. There is no invite to follow their tweets on their website, they are not following anyone, but have 21 followers.  Wouldn’t it be impressive if TechGuys could deal with these queries openly and transparently to demonstrate publicly how they listen to their customers and resolve these difficulties? And in return their satisfied customers could also tweet their positive experiences too.

Here are two comments from their disappointed customers, I wonder if their problems have been solved:

Alex, 16 Feb 2011:

Day 62 and still no tv.

Its got “lost in transit”, been “escalated” we’ve had one phone call from the complaints department assuring us its in hand- that some vouchers will be coming our way – but that was 3 weeks ago.

When I phoned the whole email chain had got lost and it was then reregisterd. Last phone call ( forget how many that is now) assured us someone woudl phone us back- guess what? Nothing.
We’ve written to the Trading Standards people now- the agreement isn’t worth the paper its written on.

Apparently with another friend, no better for washing machines!

Never going to buy an extended warranty from them again.

Glad you got satisfaction from Lord Kalms- shame it has to come to this.

And Nichola, 6 Nov 2010:

can you please give me a email address or postal address to make a complaint against techguys/whatever happens and currys.

from june 2010 i have been having problems with my laptop which is within warranty and also has an extended warranty plus i pay insurance every month. my main problem has been my battery and when it went in for a check without my permission they deleted all my files and photos. the only problem was that some of the photos are off my daughter was is now deceased.

all i want is someone to listen to me and not pass me from person to person and give me promises that they will phone me back and dont. i still have no laptop they keep telling me they will send me vouchers to get a new one and i am still waiting. today i have just had a shouting match down the phone and i am not at my wits end.

please help me.

If the TechGuys need help with their tweets, they need look no further ……


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  3. PC World & Currys are always voted one of the worst places for service.

  4. I couldnt agree more, with the current world of the internet, social media and instantaneous world wide communication. Why are not more companies embracing this opportunity to engage with their users and customers, provide an environment to engage with them as well as searching out people with issues and helping them.

    VodafoneUK for example (!/VodafoneUK/status/39958256814133248) have a twitter help desk, to deal with customer issues and the like. I love the openness of this and certainly would count towards buying decisions in the future.

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