Breaking news – Heidi Allen makes generous statement

On Friday South East Cambridgeshire Conservatives – of which I am a member – voted to reaffirm Lucy Frazer as their parliamentary candidate, while seeming to concede there had been an error with the final count at the open primary last month, which went in favour of her opponent Heidi Allen.

Heidi has made the most generous natured statement which I am confident will win her many new friends and supporters. Constituencies will  be knocking on her door asking her to apply. This is what she says:

Following South East Cambridgeshire Conservative Association’s decision on Friday to reaffirm Lucy Frazer as their candidate, I feel it is now appropriate for me to say a few words. First and foremost, I wish Lucy the very best of luck in the months and years ahead. I know she will work extremely hard for the people of SE Cambridgeshire and will use her intellect and advocacy skills to ensure they always get the very best deal. I am of course very disappointed that I was unsuccessful, but we must now look to the future. I would like to offer my sincere thanks to every person and business who has helped and supported me, I have met some wonderful people and I feel sure that we will remain friends. SE Cambridgeshire is a fantastic part of the country and has so many opportunities for prosperity and growth.  In the spirit of moving forward, I urge everyone to support Lucy and to help her in her quest for election in 2015. It is only by working together that we achieve success and there are some truly dedicated, caring people in SE Cambridgeshire. Together you will continue to achieve amazing things. I hope that I will have the opportunity to represent the people of another constituency at the general election in 2015. Wherever that may be, you have my word that I will always do whatever I can to promote business in Cambridgeshire. I wish you all the very, very best.

There can be no doubt that Heidi is still a winner in many people’s eyes.

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