Let me introduce you to Janice Small

Janice is hoping for a Kent seat

I have given Janice a guest spot on my blog today. We met during last year’s general election campaign when she was also a regional press officer. Now she is hoping to contest a seat as a Conservative candidate in the next election. She was always very energetic and highly motivated and would make a great MP. Here is her story:

Well, I made it onto the Approved Candidates list but not the A list. However, I see the A list as a double-edged sword – possible alienation of the constituency associations and media criticism.

I am a former regional press officer for the Party and worked with the target seat candidates across the south east and currently work for MPs Tim Yeo and Adam Holloway, two very likeable, funny and intelligent men.

I see David Cameron as a breath of fresh air. We do need to change if we are to become electable and be more representative of the UK. We need more women as research has shown that women are more likely to vote for another woman.

At the last election of the 26 target seats across the south east 6 were being fought by women, all were very capable candidates with one exception, I wish I could say the same about the standard of the men.

I hope to get a Kent seat as I currently live near Sevenoaks or possibly a chance to fight Eltham in south east London as I grew up in the constituency when it was held by us and our MP was Peter Bottomley. I used to catch my bus to school from the same stop as Stephen Lawrence and understand some of the problems that face families and the elderly in that area.

When our policies are unveiled I hope that we will show the country that we will be tough on third generation benefit claimants, parents that allow their feral children run wild who create havoc on decent families and the elderly with low level anti-social behaviour, that we can create a society that cares about each other and the elderly, many of whom are now living longer, often in isolation because their friends and families have pre-deceased them. We need to show that we are the party who stands up to the ridiculous policies issued from Brussels, cut red-tape and tax for businesses to grow to enable income tax cuts, to repeal the Human Rights Act that has seen the criminal benefit from compensation whilst the victim suffers and is offered far less in compensation. I want our immigration policy to be tough and to close our borders until we agree a quota from countries who are culturally aligned with us but with a quota for those who are genuine refugees. I do not believe that we need immigrants to fill our labour gaps, this is a lie pedalled by government and fuelled by unscrupulous employers who want cheap labour. We will suffer the consequences culturally and in unemployment in the long run.

So, these are thoughts and hopes. If there are any constituency chairman who would like to interview me when the times comes, get in touch at

I will keep you posted on Janice’s progress. Let’s hope she is lucky and gets a good seat, though luck is only plays a part of it, she also needs incredible drive and determination, talent and personality to get over the next hurdle. I know she has all those, hopefully others will too.

Update: Does it sound second rate to be placed on a B- list? It might appear so, but being on the A-list hasn’t been an automatic passport to success for those candidates and I think the B-team stand just as good a chance if they have the talent, determination and charisma. Julian Sturdy wasn’t on the A-list and he was selected.


  1. Suzy Gale

    Jan would be an asset to any constituency. She is hard-working and very bright. Let’s hope she finds somewhere suitable very soon.

  2. Do you think she’d relocate to Australia?!

  3. John, I will certainly keep you informed of Janice’s progress and hope she gets selected. I know she is a fighter and will work really hard at contesting her seat.

    Hopefully, Cameron “meant what he just said”, the challenge is getting that message across to the electorate and having the policies to support it.

  4. Ellee,
    Janice sounds like a true blue Conservative. I’m almost tempted to move to Kent so that I can vote for her.
    However, in the short term it will be interesting to see if a candidate with such strident views can still be selected. I’ve no reason to believe that she won’t be, but it would at least help put my mind at rest over the question that occassionally crops up these days, “Is Cameron after liberal votes, or did he really mean what he just said?”

    Please keep us informed as to her progress.

  5. Geoff, that’s because Janice doesn’t have a blog – yet.

    Thanks for your vote of confidence, but I don’t think my skin is thick enough skin to be a politician. I like helping those who I feel would do a great job.

    Julian wasn’t on an A-list and he was selected for his seat in York Outer, even though he was among 2 A-list candidates in the final selection process. That should encourage other candidates in the same boat.

  6. No link to her blog – Ellee 🙂
    You would make it to the A* list!

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