Time to switch off that screen

Why not try it, switch off that screen and breathe in a lungful of fresh air, enjoy the clear blue sky and the beauty of our unspoilt English countryside.

I did that this morning with Cambridge Ramblers, enjoyed an invigorating 10 mile stretch with stunning views of Newmarket studs, where tranquil country lanes were lined with heavily laden branches of irresistible juicy berries.

This week is the Ramblers’ Association Walking Week and if you are still not convinced about stepping out, then you should heed the warning of Kerron Cross who has witnessed what can happen if you let obesity take over.

Mind you, my walk was a mere stroll to the corner shop compared to the arduous trek Geoff is currently undertaking in the French Alps where he is scaling incredible heights, don’t know how he could leave his lovely Emily behind though.

Geoff told me about these two guys Paddy and Andy who have surpassed his walking achievements – they are trekking from London to Asia (5,000 kms) in aid of the Red Cross and have a great tale to tell. I wonder how many pairs of shoes they get through.

So why not give it a go, you might even like it ….

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