What is the Government’s message to 7/7 victims?

I really feel for Rachel and other victims of the 7/7 bombings which shattered their lives. I feel their frustration at being fobbed off by a Government which simply states the obvious in its long-awaited report.

We’ve already been told about failings on the day, this latest report merely repeats what has already been said by the London Assembly. What was the point in producing a second similar document?

I assume that’s the end of it as far as answering questions are concerned, the Government have refused calls for a public inquiry, dealing with the reasons it happened in the first place.

Most shamefully, Tessa Jowell has failed to keep her promise and inform victims when this report would be published. Yet she describes how she met them and their heroism:

I have been humbled by the courage and dignity of the bereaved families and those who survived the attacks. I am very grateful to them for sharing their experiences, and absolutely determined that we will apply the lessons learned so that we can do better in the future.”

Hollow, empty words when she can’t even keep a basic promise like this, what confidence can we have in their other pledges?


  1. I worry like crazy about the very same thing occuring here. There is no way our hospitals and emergency services would cope to the extent the fantastic job emergency workers did in the UK. Its a shame when paperwork takes over the answers victims are waiting on.

  2. Thanks Ellee….good to see people other than survivors sharing our frustration.

  3. Thank you Ellee, I have linked your post in my blog round up.

  4. Who can really be satisfied by the words in a Report?

    Both Blairs (Ian & Tony) are failures at what they do.

  5. Hollow words of Jowell’s indeed. I have just read that victims of the attacks who were not from London felt excluded. It makes one want to weep, all over again.

  6. I was surprised to hear one of the 7/7 victims interviewed today saying that large numbers of those involved, included those injured and shocked, were lead up to the streets and left to wander off and make their own way home as best they could.

    They weren’t even interviewed as potential witnesses.

    What a shambles this country has become.

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