Shame of Government paying criminals for suffering "cold turkey"

It’s a shameful day when a weak-willed Government has to pay 198 convicted criminals compensation for stopping them taking drugs while in jail. Why couldn’t the Home Office stand up to them instead of caving in?

I’m all for human rights, but not when it is self-motivated and greedy and comes before common sense and justice. These addicts are set to get thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money for suffering “cold turkey,” which they claim amounted to torture, money they will no doubt spend to further fuel their addiction, most likely commiting more crimes, and it could even cost them their lives.

These cases could just be the tip of the iceberg, other druggies behind bars will soon wise up and make the same cash demands. I thought prison was meant to be rehabilitative, so it makes sense to get addicts off drugs, not condone them, which is what this payment in effect does.

Does this mean that our addicted prisoners will now expect to be able to continue taking illegal hard drugs while serving time? They claim that the prison system had no right to make them stop, or to put them through detox programmes using a heroin substitute, so what is their plan now? Or are there ample supplies available inside to keep them going anyway?

Could it be that John Reid is mindful of the fact that under European human rights, prisoners will be able to vote, and he is counting on their support?