What a sensational week …..

It’s been a sensational week for Iain and Guido whose relentless pursuit of the Smith Institute story played a major role in an inquiry being launched to investigate its charitable status and links with Chancellor Gordon Brown.

It’s been another disastrous week for Tony Blair, who has today said he will not give in to pressure to quit over the cash-for-hours affair.

Whatever The Observer comes up with, if it does, it’s been pipped to the post by today’s Times which has a double page spread devoted to the growing strength of right-wing think-tanks, with mention of 18 Doughty Street and its new weekly political ads.

It’s no surprise that Iain more than ruffles a few feathers, hopefully he has broad shoulders and can shrug off the empty threats and accusations from New Labour trolls which he has written about today. He aims to hit raw nerves, but is cautious enough to know the laws of libel, so I’m sure he has no worries in that department.

Having done a quick trawl around the Labour blogs this morning, I only saw very limp and uninspired posts – compared to Iain and Guido’s which can move mountains.

As Iain says, he knows he is hitting home when he provokes this kind of reaction, it will only serve to inspire him even more.

P.S. David Farrar, sorry to have lost your comment, I was editing my post when you left it, many thanks for helping out with this.

Update: Iain now has over 100 comments on his post about this and Nourishing Obscurity has a great pic of NuLabour trolls in hot pursuit of Iain. Exterminate, exterminate, only who is in the firing line …..

Update 3rd February: Guido’s review of a very memorable week.


  1. Cool post! Enjoyed reading the previous blog as well! Keep up the good work. Feel free to comment back.

  2. IT, I did not realise that, and as Sir Christopher Evans ran a Cambridge based business too, I have been following this closely.

    Just seen the News of the World link too:

  3. Jim, that time is coming soon, very soon. It appears likely that Levy, Turner and Sir Christopher Evans, who lent Labour £1m in the run-up to the last election, are going to be charged:
    Blair is history.

  4. > Cash for honours is worthy of resignation in itself

    Only if it turns out that there is a case to answer, surely? I don’t think any charges have been made yet. Innocent until proven guilty, and all that…

  5. To Teri, above – there are now photos of them.

  6. Cash for honours is worthy of resignation in itself. Many politicians have resigned over much, much less. The Tory peer Lord Carrington resigned for “taking his eye off the ball” over the Falklands. Of all Blair’s sins, the most damning is undoubtedly the Iraq War. As the Middle East spirals into deeper and deeper instability, the aftermath of Blair’s criminal misjudgement is still unfolding. David Cameron should now state that he will instigate a full judicial review of Blair’s actions over Iraq when he enters No10. Perhaps Cllr Bob Piper would agree with me on that one…

  7. Whos is this crazy Manic/Guido 2.0/Tim Ireland. He seems to have more personalitys that cybil. After reading that ranting nonsense over at Iains blog, I’m not sure if it’s me or manic many that needs the prozac.

    It was always going to cause some kick back but thankfully Iain is thick skinned enough to deal with it.

  8. Good luck to them both and you and the other top Tory bloggers Ellee.

    How the left must wish they had something to fight back with, this battle is over for them at the minute.

    Come Piper, you were their cheerleader!

  9. As I’ve said before, Ellee, Guido makes me laugh and I admire his nerve. But like newmania, I often can’t understand what he is on about these days because there’s a lot of Westminster “in-crowd” stuff. Iain is brave but very careful, as you point out. I can’t believe Blair is still talking so smoothly after all that has happened this week!

  10. Man in a Shed, What a wonderful way of describing Iain and Guido, as “resistence leaders”, that is spot on. I like their different approaches and style, but Iain also goes for it all guns blazing when he has the bit between the teeth on a particularly subject, ie Prescott.

    Of course they have made enemies, but everyone does in politics, though Iain is extremely fair to all poltical parties if he feels it is appropriate, and I do like that fairness. At the same time, he is not afraid to dish up the dirt. After all, we don’t make it up, just report on it.

  11. The tide has definitely turned in our direction. The left are a busted flush – they’ve had 10 years (longer than ever before ) and its all falling apart. They have had to abandon much of socialism, multi-culturalism, interventionism and are finding out the hard way again that tax and spend doesn’t work either. They try to blind us with spin and pronouncements, but now they can no longer hide the nature of what they have done.

    Iain and Guido have been like resistance leaders – giving hope to the rest of us. With Tim Montgomerie, I suspect they will look back on these days as a golden period as a combination of technology, politics and ideas come together. 18 D is the radio Caroline of its time – those involved will look back on it as a pioneering time.

    What we need to avoid is lacking the confidence in ourselves. David Cameron is doing too much triangulation, not enough leadership. He has the ability to win power or lose it. He must avoid making any further mistakes like on the SORs or EPP.

    But its good to see the ideas are back !

    In my view Iain is mild and measured – if he’s undermining Labour then they’re finished.

    Guido is making enemies and may one day pay the price – I hope he’s as smart as he tells us he is. What he’s doing is fantastic – I read his stuff every day. He’s carry out the role that Newspapers who have now been captured by powerful influences don’t.

  12. Blair covets power and money more than anything. He wants to cling on to it as long as possible. He fails to know what he’ll be remembered for. He thinks it will be as a great Prime Minister.

  13. It must be the close links Iain has with the royal family that impresses you so much… and all those other gullible sods daft enough to believe it. What do you mean, there wasn’t anybody else gullible enough to believe it?

  14. I don`t understand all tis Guido 2 or Manixc stuff Ellee . For the most part its incomprehensible to me . I ploughed through the offending postts looking for what he was saying and it seemed to boil down to “You are being unfair”..? Perhaps if anyone else knows what it is all actually about they will say so .In the light of the national Press coverage its hard to see how you could possible be unfair.
    My impression is that its about advertising , there doesn`t seem to be any political content

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