The missing – Nicole Morin

Nicole Morin totally vanished 22 years ago aged eight while walking to an elevator in her Toronto apartment block to meet a friend who was waiting for her in the downstairs lobby.  She never arrived.

Her unsolved disappearance marked a turning point for similar police investigations as it took a week before homicide were alerted. How much crucial forensic and witness evidence was lost in that time?

On July 30th, 1985, Nicole had left her mother’s penthouse apartment at 10:30am and went to the lobby of the 20 storey apartment building to pick up the mail; they lived on the top floor. She then returned to the apartment and got ready to go swimming with a playmate.

Before leaving the apartment, Nicole had spoken to a friend through the building’s intercom and promised to be right down. The playmate waited about 15 minutes before buzzing the apartment again to find out why Nicole hadn’t arrived. The two girls had arranged to meet in the lobby and go to a supervised swimming pool at the rear of the building.

About 11:00am had Nicole said goodbye to her mother and left the apartment. No-one has seen her since she closed the apartment door and walked into the hallway.

There are lots of interesting comments on this websleuth forum about how the abductor must have been someone in the apartment block who slipped through the police net. One of the comments mentions a website which says Nicole was recognised on a Dutch paedophile ring’s CD-Rom.

Nicole’s case was one of a series of mysterious disappearances of young girls around that time. Christine Jessop, nine, went missing from her home the October before Nicole vanished. Sharin Morningstar Keenan, also nine, was abducted in January 1983, and Alison Parrot disappeared July 1986 aged 11. All turned up dead, their bodies found, except Nicole’s. Other girls have also gone missing. The Morins spent many years and much money on private investigators.

Nicole’s father Art gave a very poignant newspaper interview to the Toronto Sun in 2005 to mark the 20th anniversary of her disappearance, distraught that there was still no explanation. He keeps a box of mementoes, including her school work and his Father’s Day cards. You can read the full interview in the comments. The picture on the right uses age progression techniques to show how Nicole would look today.

*5 August 2019, Police update age enhanced image of Nicole who disappeared 34 years ago.

In memory of those who are still missing.


  1. Tracy Patterson

    I know this is a long shot but I really love to get my hands on the police files but to do so would cost a lot of money. I was hoping that anyone can help me with information regarding this case. I’m not trying to solve it but I need to know some information. I lived near her. Any help would be great.

  2. you need in Lindsay Ontario

  3. relevant

    The police have a new video re-enactment of the events and the story is very different. Now there’s no friend buzzing in and waiting for her in the lobby.
    No explanation is given but Websleuths had already discovered that her friend actually lived in the building and would not have had to buzz in.
    The possibility now is that she made it to the lobby (as witness said) and that she left to meet someone.

  4. Here is the list of the residents of 627 The West Mall from the 1885-86 Toronto Directory, some with apartment numbers.
    Nick Mazepa is listed in Apartment 701 which puts the lie to the “official” story that Jennifer Mazepa, Nicole’s friend, came from another building and had to get buzzed in by Nicole.

    Bannon D
    Bautista M
    Beaton J Raymond
    Beinert I
    Bleitzhofer J
    Bonner K
    Bowler C
    Butcher John
    Chainani G
    Drblik A
    Fabbro H
    Field Colin
    Ford MJ
    Francis J
    Freskiw M
    Friesdorf Hermann
    Frirsen J
    Gallardo O
    Gingrich S
    Goh Peter
    Gonzales A
    Goodrich S
    Green Edward
    Greene J
    Grilli Nicola
    Hardiman S
    Hassaan H A
    Horky Stephen
    Hsu Donald Y
    Hutchison J A
    Jaksic N
    Jamieson F
    Jedrasik M
    Jehu O
    Jelilian Shahe
    Jung Robin
    Kalia U
    Katea J J
    Kelly T D
    Kim K Yeung
    Knight Kenneth A
    Kovacevic Zarko
    Kozlowsky C
    Kuljis A
    Kwok Alfred
    Laidlaw J A
    Law K F
    Lee Sangune
    Leeh M
    Lough R
    Loy P
    Lozowy W
    Ludera J
    Lui T K
    Macaro Michele
    Magallanes L
    McIntosh J
    McKinnon R
    Morin J
    Morrison V R
    Myaing Daw Kyin
    Nacsa K
    Nadeau Francois
    Newell William A
    Noga John O
    Novello Y
    Osuch John
    No Return
    Pereira T
    Poy I J
    Punkris E
    Redman R
    Reid M T
    Renta Roberto
    Riddell D
    Robertson H M
    Rodrigues Shirley
    Rogers Christopher W
    Ross K
    Rost M
    Smeltzer B
    Smirnov V
    Smith Harold R
    Smitherman I
    Spademan J
    Spencer A
    Spencer C
    Spencer R
    Stanton G
    Stepanovic B
    Tam C P
    2 Redman Albert H
    7 Robert Monique
    101 Sober David J
    109 Foisey Forest
    204 Kosmin Aleca
    205 Aiola Leo
    207 Borowski Irene A
    209 Stotozuk Jean H
    308 Bjarnason B
    408 Carreira Adriano
    507 Madill Herbert B
    701 Mazepa Nick
    702 Dowdell Brian
    801 Bartz Gerhard W
    806 Flores Oscar A
    806 Flores Sandra D
    809 Lam Paul
    903 Navato E
    905 Gerochi Ricardo
    907 Marando Joseph
    1003 Speller Rbt E
    1007 Lepena E
    1008 Nesbitt C
    1110 Mr. Lanaghan Shane
    1206 Quantz Rosa
    1207 Munro Rbt J
    1401 Lichacz M L
    1404 Stahr Erwin
    1405 Lee Verve
    1502 Loy Louis
    1708 Eschli John J
    1711 Perry Wm
    1801 Noga Zenco
    1803 Marthinez Edgar
    1804 Kang D K
    1805 Tabakian Jacques
    1902 Lino Manuel
    1904 Kopstik Max
    1905 Cairnes R E

  5. Shelley

    If Nicole was abducted from inside the building, then that means it either had to be by someone who lived in the building, or was visiting in the building. If her friend was waiting for her in the lobby, and 15 minutes had past, she would have seen her if she had reached ground level. Having said that, Nicole also may have dilly-dallied those 15 minutes away, and then reached ground level after her friend had left…so many scenarios. But – it seems more reasonable that Nicole never got out of the building. Someone would have seen her. I’m wondering WHO knew the girls were going to go swimming. If this was just a random person wanting to abduct a child, why didn’t they take Jennifer, instead of Nicole??…seems reasonable to conclude that is because Nicole was in the hallway, that the person that took her was also in that area. If the abductor was outside or on the main level, they probably would have focused on Jennifer. I just have a feeling someone that was known to Nicole took her.

  6. “Art’s great neice, Kristin Morin believes his church theory holds the key to the crime. You can read her comments on her facebook group.”

    This story on Scribd is about a child that goes missing and the mother’s name is Jeanette like Nicole’s mother.

  7. “I hear Robert Hoshowsky is interested in writing [a book] about about Nicole and Sharin Morningstar. Maybe he can get some information out of the police.”
    “Art Morin is only talking to police about the case now…” Tekmat,

  8. The father originally implicated his church, the World Wide Church of God. The logo of the church is a VESICA PISCES.
    (I was a believer but never attended congregation.)

    The signature at the bottom of the Lindbergh Kidnapping ransom notes was a VESICA PISCES. Two of the main suspects in this case attended a theosophical church called Temple of Divine Power.

  9. F. Ross,
    Allison Parrott was found just below the Old Mill Station and THAT’S on the Bloor-Danforth line.
    That might be what your Danforth-Main reading came from.

    The MIT biometrics computer program, perhaps not administered properly, didn’t work because Nicole, it seems, wasn’t a Zanvoort victim after all.
    Maybe supernatural help might be in order. Ellee, it always nice to see someone from Britain who believes.


    the police should check personel working in the building at that time problably a part time doing persone has a electrician ,cable,painting,
    someone that have acces to the stairs cases and
    exit door with a vehicle …and most important someone that had lisent to the conversation between the to girls,
    a garbage removal,a religious promoter(in this case could be someone that have no kids becouse they go on pair ,a steril family for intance and from oveseas)someone that should not be listed that they and was doing a part time.
    someone that gives rides etc

  11. Dear F Ross, Thank you for sharing all this. I believe in the paranormal. There are too many inexplicable spiritual events that cannot be explained. I know of a wonderful retired detective in America and have forwarded the link to him. This is a dreadfully sad story.

  12. I had an experience with a ouija board about this case and it was weird. On or about Tuesday, March 21,2006, I sent an email to the person who owns this site explaining it and she sent a copy of it off to some authorities but no one ever got in touch with me. I still don’t know if I believe in this stuff but a few years ago I did have a couple of strange experiences.

    I sent her this;

    After becoming bored with my friends questions about her estranged husband I suggested we ask our usual spirit AD about a missing little girl in our city. This must have been somewhere in the early to mid eighties.

    Q. AD, can we ask you some questions about something else entirely different, about a little girl who went missing in the elevator of her apartment building.
    A. Yes
    Q. Is she still alive?
    A. Yes (had stayed on yes from last question, then spelled ‘ missing but she is dead’.
    Q. Can you tell us where her body is ?
    A. Danforth Main.
    Q. Do you mean at the Danforth-Main intersection ?
    A. Missing
    Q. Is that where her body is going to be, at Danforth and Main ?
    A. Yes
    Q. Who killed her ?
    A. Twin
    Q. One of a twin killed her ? Can you give us a name ?
    A. Missing
    Q. Is she in a building somewhere ?
    A. Rich men
    Q. What about rich men ?
    Q. What about rich men ?
    Q. Were they using that little girl for pornography or something ?
    A. No
    Q. Why did they kill her ?
    A. Hear that he buy the baby
    Q. Did she overhear something someone else was doing wrong ?
    A. Yes
    Q. Was it somebody in her family ?
    A. Yes
    Q. Somebody was buying a baby ?
    A. Yes
    Q. And she knew too much so they killed her ?
    A. Yes
    Q. Where is her body now ?
    A. Station
    Q. Is her body in the subway station ?
    A. Yes
    Q. At Main and Danforth ?
    A. Yes
    Q. Where ? Is she in a room somewhere ?
    A. Station, Station, Sta
    Q. Can you tell us where exactly in the station ?
    A. (Stayed on Yes)
    Q. Is she by the tracks somewhere?
    A. Bidan
    Q. What’s that mean ? Spell it again.
    A. Bid ( Interrupted by Son saying goodnight )
    Q. Can you tell us any more about that little girl as to how they can find her: so her parents will know?
    A. ( staying on yes )
    Q. You say she is dead, can we speak to her ?
    A. No. You dont talk.

    After a while it went back to talking about the situation of my friend’s estranged husband.

    The most interesting thing about this story is that over a period of time my friend and I had often wondered if we were actually reading these things properly or were we reading or putting in after thoughts on our own. To get some proof that we were actually ending up with what was spelled out we had set up my video camera and taped the entire thing.
    The next night we were both very anxious to get going at this again and quickly set up the camera , zooming in on the board. Our only interest now was about the little girl who’s name we now remembered. It was Nicole Morrin and we were very excited in getting more information as to her whereabouts. Much to our dismay though, not a thing would happen. As opposed to all other times when we would only be at the board for a few minutes or even moments before the pointer would start to move, it was now absolutely still, with none of the usual vibrations that we often thought may have been in our imaginations anyway. It was different this time though. It seemed absolutely dead.
    Wondering what could be wrong, we decided to dismantle the camera and get it put away so we could try again in our same old way.
    And that did the trick. We didn’t get our usual spirit AD back but another one we used to have, Dan I believe was his name, came on . When we asked him why we had had so much trouble earlier he just spelled out’ you eye us’ and we knew right away he meant the camera.
    It was a little crazzy after that. I don’t remember what exactly was said but we both got the impression that AD was certainly being chastised in some way for letting us use the camera. And we were both scared.
    I suggested we send the tape to the police but my friend wanted nothing to do with that idea. And later I had second thoughts about it myself . After all I had a husband and two teenage sons and there may have been all sorts of questions being asked as to their whereabouts on the day of the little girl’s disappearance. Would they think I was inventing this story as a cover-up if I knew the person involved? Scarry things would go through my mind and I kept putting it off. I guess I was being paranoid since we lived in a different part of the city but one never knows what kind of a can of worms can be opened up in a situation like that.
    So here I am , all those years later, with a tape that I have watched many times to make sure we were reading everything correctly, and I still don’t know why I can’t send it off to the police. I think, when you come right down to it, the reason I haven’t reported this is because I’m really afraid of the spirit and always have been. I think now though I will put my faith in God and ask Him to remove any evil spirits around this issue and one day get the nerve to report it , for what it’s worth.

  13. Kristin, good look with your continued search. I too would be angry if any information I passed to police was ignored.

  14. Kristin Morin

    Atreyu, thanks for checking out my facebook group.

    I’ve had some termendous responses and help from various forensic artists, folks completing projects, and those who are just as baffled my the mystery as I am.

    I’ve been flooded with emails with tips and information that unfortunately, had been ignored or dismissed by police and investigaters, it angers me.

    It was wonderful to run into this blog. Thank again.

  15. Kristin Morin’s Facebook group has a picture of Art and Jeanette from the newspaper and information on the murder of Art’s sister Gertrude by her husband in 1961 in Iroquois Falls. Art is originally from North Bay.
    An update on the Zanvoort pictures was posted at and it seems most of those pictures came from the orphanage on the Isle of Jersey.
    I spent two hours looking at old papers at the library and found no extra useful information except that they gave Art a lie detector test.
    Max Haines in his account in a Canadian crime an anthology says Nicole talked to her friend on the phone, not on the intercom and promised to meet her in the lobby, giving her time to miss her friend in the lobby by accident or on purpose.

  16. Hi crystal,
    since Art’s neice has joined the case with her Facebook group, I’ll defer to her and I hope she’ll answer these questions. So far I see she’s been getting her info from our site. Friends of Nicole on Facebook are forthcoming.
    I noticed the group reported that Jeanette had friends who moved to a horsefarm in Brampton. A private property like that should have been thoroughly searched and not just the public parks and then later the ravine on airport property. But, if the kids in her daycare weren’t all babies, I’d say she has a strong alibi anyway.
    If you knew them, do you remember if Nicole looked more like her mother or her father?

  17. crystal

    Why did her mom leave Amherst NS so quickly?

  18. Buck, Thanks for the update, this is such a baffling case.

  19. Bucke Bleichert

    A source close to Nicole has given me the following information:
    The church in question that Art Morin was attending in 1985 was the World Wide Church of God. He doesn’t believe it had any involvement.
    The blond woman seen by a female witness can be identified as a member of the press if the witness was off by one day on her statement.

  20. Bucke Bleichert

    Ms. de Croy has sent me this link with a picture of the Zandvoort CD “Nicole” from the front. She doesn’t have the same gaps in the teeth but the age-enhanced picture of Nicole suggests her teeth in the missing person’s picture were baby teeth.

  21. It is our team that has made the identification of Nicole on the Zandvoort CD. No one seemed interested. Our sites have been destroyed by hacking 12 times in three years and it makes it difficult to put back everything on line, but your interest in Nicole made me want to put back her identification as soon as possible. We would be very grateful if any of you can forward us article on the case.

  22. Bucke, thanks for the update. This is a truly heartbreaking story and I have also had an interesting private email about it.

  23. Bucke Bleichert

    The picture of a child on a pedophile ring CD Rom identified in 2005 as Nicole is available at (ref., “Solvy”)
    The picture is fuzzy and a profile but I can’t rule her out and I’m practiced in drawing faces. In fact, it’s a very good match and it should be investigated.
    Maybe the Morin’s can find a profile shot for comparison or a new artist’s sketch could be made by someone who hasn’t seen the image from Europe.

  24. Bucke Bleichert

    In 1987, Nicole’s father theorized that someone from his church took her and she knew about it and even cooperated. Two months before she vanished, she wrote a note in school saying she was going “to disappear”. A slender blond woman holding a notebook was seen at the end of the hall 40 minutes before the disappearance. Although her friend gave up waiting downstairs, Nicole DID get on the elevator and was seen in the lobby and outside the building. What took her so long? Did she really have other plans?…. One Toronto Star archived article I read on-line said she WAVED goodbye to her mother when she left to go to the pool behind the building….I can see why they always post her age-enhance picture….It looks suspiciously like a planned disappearance….
    Perhaps someone decided to place Nicole in another environment because of her parents’ court battles over money….They were separated and Art said he was paying for everything and had nothing left to live on….Perhaps someone from his church? (ref. Toronto Star, Cal MIllar, July 30, 1987, A21)

  25. Bucke Bleichert

    In 1987, Nicole’s father theorized that someone from his church took her and she knew about it and even cooperated. Two months before she vanished, she wrote a note in school saying she was going “to disappear”. A slender blond woman holding a notebook was seen at the end of the hall 40 minutes before the disappearance. Nicole did get on the elevator and was seen in the lobby and outside the building, but she took so long, her friend didn’t wait for her. Did she really have other plans? One Toronto Star archived article I read on-line said she WAVED goodbye to her mother when she left to go to the pool behind the building….
    I’m trying to find out which church Art Morin went to back in the 80s. Reporter Cal Millar only described it as “fundamentalist”. Perhaps someone decided to place Nicole in another environment because of her parents’ court battles over money….They were separated and Art said he was paying for everything and had nothing left to live on….(ref. Toronto Star, Cal MIllar, July 30, 1987, A21)

  26. 20 Years and Still No Answers. Her dad’s lonely vigil

    Sat, July 30, 2005

    TWENTY YEARS and not a trace of Nicole Morin.

    The little girl with the toothy grin went off to swim with a friend on July 30, 1985, and was never seen again.

    Not a clue, not a shred of evidence, not an answer for Art Morin on what happened to his 8-year-old daughter.

    “She vaporized,” said Art, now 66, from his Etobicoke apartment. It’s as good an explanation as anybody can provide him.

    “It’s been a long time,” he said yesterday, dredging up memories of his little girl, accompanied by a few tears. “When she disappeared I really thought we would have an answer by now but there really are no surefire answers.”

    At 11 a.m. that morning Nicole said goodbye to her mom, Jeanette, in their penthouse apartment on The West Mall and told her she was going to meet a friend for a swim at the apartment complex’s pool.

    She got on the elevator and vanished.

    A police search team went door to door. Hundreds of volunteers scoured the neighbourhood and nearby fields.

    They all turned up nothing.

    “It has to have been someone in her building,” Toronto Police Supt. Tony Warr said this week. “The chances of a stranger being on that elevator are very slim.”

    When Nicole disappeared Warr was a sergeant with five years under his belt in the homicide squad.

    “I can remember talking to her distraught mother in Nicole’s bedroom,” he said. “I can still remember there was a poster on the wall.”

    Warr and his partner, then-Staff Sgt. Jim Jones, spent weeks on the case working out of the basement of 22 Division looking for something to illuminate Nicole’s whereabouts.

    Nicole’s vanishing was one of a series of mysterious disappearances of girls.

    Christine Jessop, 9, went missing from her Queensville home the October before Nicole vanished. Sharin’ Morningstar Keenan, also 9, was snatched away in January 1983 and Alison Parrot disappeared July 1986. All turned up dead, their bodies found. All except Nicole.

    The police and the Morins went through every scenario they could think “until we were blue in the face,” said Art, who has been divorced from Jeanette since 1989.


    “I don’t want to be dwelling on these things,” he said. “I find bringing all these memories back doesn’t do much good.”

    But he still keeps a box of what he calls “the most personal things,” full of notes and schoolwork and Father’s Day cards.

    “Hey, what if she walks in the door?” he asked, his mood becoming more upbeat. “What if someone has taken her and she decides she wants to return? If Nicole should ever return I want to be able to show her she wasn’t forgotten.”

    Not knowing what happened to a missing child makes it almost impossible to ever heal the gaping hole in parents’ hearts, said Jan Barr, a case manager with Child Find Ontario.

    “Without resolution it remains as raw as the day it happened,” Barr said.

    Nicole isn’t the oldest case in Child Find’s files but it’s one of the most baffling. Her picture still runs regularly along with an age-enhanced photo done in 2000 to indicate what Nicole might look like at age 24.

    “Typically there’s more evidence when a child goes missing,” Barr said. “That’s what makes this one so unusual; there was nothing.”

    Art said he knows there’s at least one person out there who knows what happened to his little girl.

    And he’s certain that person has told others.

    What he can’t understand — and what still angers him — is why no one ever said anything to the police or the family.

    It’s a problem of the spirit, Art said, and it’s a problem that is getting worse with every passing year.

    He watched as other children have gone missing — Kayla Klaudusz, Andrea Atkinson and more recently Holly Jones and Cecilia Zhang — and he feels despair with every single one.

    “We’ve learned that diligence is required on the part of all parents,” Art said.

    “There are people out there who don’t give a hoot for your child’s life because they have no moral scruples.”

    The police learned greatly from Nicole’s disappearance and in child abduction cases since, Warr said, such as the importance of staying focused on the crime area and being on top of things instantly. (Warr and the homicide squad were not called until a week after Nicole vanished.)

    “These things (abductions) only take seconds,” Warr said.…153215-sun.html (


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