An invite to my birthday party

I see that David Miliband becomes the first minister to enter Second Life as an avatar to promote a carbon calculator. I am thinking of joining him there.
According to the erudite Tom Paine, there is an airship in Second Life named after me. Although I regret that it is unlikely I will be able to join my Blogpower colleagues for their virtual awards ceremony on 1 July, it gave me the idea of holding a birthday party in Second Life which you are all invited to. You can share a glass of bubbly with me and maybe take a trip in my airship. Who knows what other surprises might be in store.

I’m hoping Neville Hobson will show me the ropes as he is an avid addict of Second Life. Once I get the idea of it, I will help anyone interested.

You are welcome to join me on 3 July – the more the merrier!


  1. Tom, I would love to try it, what time should we make it tomorrow? It will be my first visit there. Are you free around midday – UK time?

  2. Ellee, have heard nothing from you in Second Life, but if you still want to have your party, everything is set up for you. Just click on this link to launch Second Life ready to take you to the right destination when you click “connect”

  3. Send me a message when you get there Ellee. My SL “home”, Last Ditch House, is entirely at your disposal for the birthday party. Depending on how many will come, you may like to use the ballroom in my new airship, the Liner Limoncello, which is 124 metres long and moored 700 metres above my house. Let me know. If you go for that, I will moor the “Lady Ellee” where your guests can see her.

    Welshcakes has been sighted in SL too. Though I have not met her yet.

  4. I’m already in Second Life, as Jayne Fellini (I had a second go as a girl!). As I’m on my cruise, I can’t join the party.

    Let me know who you are in Second Life.

  5. Crushed, I know about the problem and feel helpless about it, I’m hoping to try and get some technical support.

    Hope you can make the party, I’m sure you would be good company.

  6. Your posts are coming through in an odd format, btw.

    Thanks for the invite- Though I thought you’d only ask respectable folk…

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