My first Vista post

I’ve been struggling all day to familiarise myself with Windowsimage Vista now that all my programmes have been transferred over to my new computer.

However, I have still had to install much of the software again, and as all my blogging software was installed by Geoff, and he is away on an epic trek on foot across the Pyrenees, I had no choice but to try and unravel this challenge.

I had considerably difficulty getting Windows Live Writer,the software I use for writing my blog posts, to configure with WordPress. It didn’t recognise my passwords and personal info. And I was also unable to access the WordPress site to write a post from their software.

Fortunately, two good Samaritans came to my aid earlier this evening. I contacted two great bloggers who kindly helped me out of my tight spot. First of all, Tim Almond enabled me to access the WordPress site. And then The Wardman Wire kindly helped me resolve my Live Writer dilemma.

I just need to figure out how to add categories to Live Writer and then all should be back to normal, in a manner of speaking.

A thousand thanks to both Tim and Wardman Wire, you are two great guys and your help was much appreciated. You have done your good deed for the day and I can sleep easier tonight now.


  1. Well done, Ellee! Any changes to my computer scare me silly!

  2. I had a new computer, just pre-Vista. I have the disc to convert, but am too wary. I may wait until the next computer change.

  3. Well done, Ellee and these are indeed two worthy gentlemen. Interesting that you’re going the Vista way and I’m going the way of Mac.

  4. Maalie, thanks for making me laugh this morning, your poor beer-soaked lapdancer. I hope you dried her down afterwards.

    Vista is working ok now, just takes some getting used to, it is growing on me.

  5. I had to renew my lapdancer quite recently as I spilled Leffe beer all over it and the hard drive seized up (I assure you, Leffe sets like super glue. I had to prise off a pair of scissors from my table with a chisel 24 hrs later) and I had quite a bit of trouble when I insisted that I didn’t want to upgrade to Vista, for the reasons you explain.

  6. Peter, you raise an interesting point, it should be up to the individual to decide whether you want to add downloads, I thought it was.

    Regarding my difficulty with adding categories via Windows Live Writer, I can vouch for one nice person at least at Microsoft who gave me the following advice via email. I don’t want to lose any settings, so I shall wait until Geoff returns:

    “Not being able to add categories—this is due to your WordPress version being older than 2.2. WordPress 2.2 was the first version where they started allowing clients like us to add categories. You’ll need to 1) upgrade to WordPress 2.2 or higher, and 2) in Writer, go to Weblog | Edit Weblog Settings and click Update Account Configuration, and walk through the wizard. This will get Writer to realize you’ve upgraded WordPress and then the add category widget will appear.”

    At the moment, I am writing my posts on Live Writer, then adding categories on the WordPress software. And I consider that excellent progress after a frustrating day.

  7. The excitement of a new computer and the frustrations! Glad that you got it sorted out with your intrepid helpers.

  8. I’m afraid my congratulations are muted.

  9. Ditto – you’re welcome.

  10. You’re welcome!


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