Are you superstitious?


Do you touch wood and image cross your fingers for luck? Why are so many of us still superstitious? Especially today with our vast knowledge and proof to distinguish between fact and fiction.

According to one would-be expert, it’s because people feel increasingly vulnerable during times of conflict and uncertainty.

Lionel Fanthorpe, president of the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena, said:

“It is not a safe or peaceful world we live in, so superstition appeals more to people when they are nervous or anxious about the social or political situation.�

A recent study highlighted by Ben Schott’s Almanac of Belief and published in today’s Times shows:

  • 31 per cent of people who say they’re ‘not superstitious’ believe in ghosts
  • 42 per cent of respondents who considered themselves not to be superstitious would still touch wood before any perilous undertaking

I believe we are less superstitious today, that fewer of us bother about walking under a ladder, or believe in ghosts. But I am fascinated about paranormal experiences, do you know of any?

And don’t worry if you see any “ghosts” today, just remember it is Halloween.

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