Why do we have such an unhealthy relationship with food?

imageWhy is it that a vastly rich and intelligent man who is married to a divine Domestic Goddess chooses to live on nine eggs a day to lose weight?

If Charles Saatchi doesn’t know how to eat a balanced diet when he has a personal master chef at hand, what example is that setting for others with a food problem?

I often wish I was half a stone lighter, but there is no way I could forsake my delicious meals and starve myself. It surely makes sense to just eat less and exercise more when clothes begin to fit tightly.

This madcap egg diet is not imagethe best advertisement for Nigella’s culinary skills either, of which I am a great fan. Why couldn’t he eat steamed fish and broccoli like other slimmers?

I am relieved to hear that having now lost five stone, Saatchi is giving up his egg diet which nutritionists have warned could raise cholesterol and damage the liver and kidneys.

I can’t understand why Nigella allowed him to go on an unhealthy egg diet in the first place. Why didn’t she devise a scrummy healthy eating programme – and then turn it into a sensational best seller?

Saatchi doesn’t look as if he is bursting with good health and vitality with this slumped posture in his slimline pic anyway.

He’s probably thinking, as Wallis Simpson once said, "you can never be too rich or too thin."