The wonders of walking, is it the new rock’n’roll?

imageMy last Toastmasters’ speech a couple of weeks ago image was about the many wonders of walking; my joy of belonging to The Ramblers’ Association and the Ramblers Group in Cambridge.

There were many smiles when I told the audience they could literally walk into love, just like Geoff Jones and Sally in Norfolk did, and other couples that I have met while leaping across a stile. Small surprise then that at the end of the meeting, one of the bachelor members came up to me and asked about joining 😉

The joy of walking across meadowland and buttercup fields, snowbell woods and coastal paths, is unrivalled. No need for lectures from me about its benefits for your health and good companionship, they are fairly obvious.

I still haven’t accomplished my goal of walking 20 miles per day with ease, or pounding the stunning Pembrokeshire coast path, but the fault is mine for spending too many hours glued to the computer instead; I hope to tell a different story this time next year. In fact, one of the main pleasures of walking is of  being unreachable and I always switch my phone off, unless I want to take some pictures.

It now seems that walking could be the new rock’n’roll, and that it’s appeal has won over earth loving rock babes and musicians who are attracted to peace and solace in fresh air and unblemished countryside. A report in the Weekend supplement of yesterday’s Times carried the front page headline, “Walking? It’s the new rock’n’roll.”  Four rockers shared their favourite walks, including former Britpop “wildchild” Pearl Lowe, and Blur’s bass player Alex James, who is also introducing its joys to his four kids under 5. It all sounds very unrock’n’roll to me!

If you find yourself footloose and longing for a good stretch over the festive break, here is a list of 20 winter walks recommended by The Times, including two in East Anglia close to me: one along Snettisham beach in Norfolk which I can recommend, and the other closer to home in Welney, famed for the thousands of swans and migratory birds which seek refuge there each winter.

I often meet friends for a brisk riverside walk during the lunchtime instead of having a catch up chat in the pub. It’s far more invigorating, and costs nothing. If you find yourself in Welney, do let me know and I will try and join you for the magical swan feed.

And if you do have a favourite winter walk, please share it with us.

*The pic on the right shows me with two girlfriends on a short spring walk from Cambridge to the Orchard Tearooms in Grantchester.


  1. Walking is a very good exercise, especially for the diabetic patients. It helps a lot to keep you body stiff and moveble as well as from many stomach related problems. You have shared a natures good part.

  2. I’m planning to use my Xmas money to buy a warm walking jacket for the winter, I only have a lightweight one for summer. I hope there will be some bargains in the sales.

  3. Oh how I wish I could go ‘a rambling’, but the RA disallows me from doing so.
    Many years ago, when I was fit and well, we walked the Lycian Way in Turkey.
    A memory that will stay with me forever.
    Merry Christmas Ellie and every good wish for a peaceful and prosperous New Year,


  4. I’d thoroughly endorse that Ellee though no way could I walk 20 miles at the moment! Happy Christmas to you.

  5. Walking of course is a good exercise especially in that peaceful and amazing place.

  6. I really should get into the habit of walking again, I always used to enjoy it so much.

  7. Walking is good for the health, though a little chilly right now.

  8. Walking in that place will give us peace of mind. I usually walk every time I went home.

  9. Yes I’ve always loved walking in the countryside and must try it with a group or association next year. Perhaps that will encourage us to do more and I will get fit! At the moment I walk from the house to the car.

  10. Ellee – I can’t find an email address; I’ve linked to you in my blog about carols and lessons, both in the text of the first paragraph, and the adjacent pic of you. I hope this is ok, please tell me if it isn’t – Frugal Dougal

  11. I love walking..but have no distance as Sally, will try to inprove, it will be a long while.. it actually might be never . But I cannot say much for the Rambler group in Oxfordshire, before I moved down here they were not helpful at all.. I emailed a few people in this area and contacted a secretary etc, but no joy, I asked if they had any contact numbers in the area I was going to , but they wouldn’t give them to me, understandable, so I said here are my contact details, give them to those people, no joy. Never mind.

  12. I’ve been walking to work because my cycle’s frozen solid – brakes, gears and wheels! It’s certainly a tonic for the mind. The last time I walked 20 miles, however, was many years ago in the Highlands. More power to your elbow!

  13. Hi Ellee many thanks for the link and excellent post on the merits of walking 🙂 We had a great walk today in the winter sunshine. My post is here:-

  14. It surely is a wonderful activity despite the weather. I don’t do such long walks by any means but I am the convener of a weekly walking group which does much shorter distances.

  15. Sally, yes, and I remember you bringing your muffins 🙂 I imagine a walk today would have been most invigorating.

  16. I was very lucky to meet Geoff On that walk 3 years ago and I still pinch myself every day to make sure its all real and not a dream 🙂 we enjoyed our 15 mile walk today with the Cambridge rambling club, with some stunning snowy scenery


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