UKIP’S immigration poster defaced in Cambridge

There is no rThe UKIP billboard in Mill Roadacial tension in Cambridge. When I go to Toastmasters, I am always impressed at the way in which half its members make fluent presentations in their second language.

It’s the last place one would expect to find a UKIP poster promoting its strong immigration line stating, “5,000 New People Settle Here Every Week, Say No To Mass Immigration”.

It has deliberately been placed in the heart of Cambridge’s thriving multi-cultural community where the word “racism” has been scrawled over it.

It’s not, as UKIP states, straight talking. It is a negative poster which fails to recognise any positives on this controversial topic and could inflame racial tension. Of course we need to have controls on immigration, but it needs to be presented in a more conciliatory tone, such as the Conservative line which intelligently puts the issue in perspective:

“Britain can benefit from immigration, but not uncontrolled immigration. Look at any aspect of life today and you can see the contribution that migrants have brought – and not just to the economy. We want to continue to attract the brightest and the best people to the UK – but with control on the overall numbers coming here.