These boots were made for walking ….

It’s time to put my walking boots on again and have a change of scenery from the flat Fenland landscape, so I’m heading for the lush Forest of Dean.

I’m off with the Ramblers again for a loooooong weekend, only this time I will be able to rest my aching feet in the comfort of a former hunting lodge of Charles II instead of a youth hostel.

And we’ll be travelling there by coach, which in itself could be an adventure. Hope I don’t end up with blisters like these!


  1. Actually a tiny black and white bird sounds just like a pied flycatcher!!

    Otherwise I can’t think of what it might be, and I’ve never heard that name. Possibly an escape from an aviary? Not uncommon.

  2. Katie, many thanks for your kind words, I will check out your link. Good luck with your new blog.

    Jim, No luck re the Pied Flycatcher. I did see a Goshawk though in the forest, which I believe is very rare, plus a tiny black and white bird in the hotel garden which the locals call a spaniel – does that sound familiar?

  3. Joe, Apologies for the delay in posting on my return, I promise you I was not slacking.

    The weather was great, the company too, I even bumped into two fellow ramblers who I have not seen for many years who I knew through work, one being the former CEO of Cambridge City City and the other a prosecuting solicitor, so we had a good catch-up chat.

    I suprised myself by walking with the A group two days running, the first day included an ascent of 3,300 ft, through Symond’s Yat, which is stunning. We caught a ferry across the Wye and it was operated by a rope pulley, it looked most precarious as it exceeded its quota of passengers and backpacks, but it gave us all a thrill.

    The woodland flowers were so lovely, and I even spotted some early snowbells in blood, with the promise of tens of thousands of more just waiting to burst open.

    Luckily, I suffered no blisters, but some sore toes because they were pushed forward by my boots.

    Thanks to Chris Brown for organising it, the whole weekend cost only £140 and was a bargain, including two dinners and breakfast, a lovely room, coach travel and guided walks. I couldn’t have done that at home for the same price.

  4. Some walking trip.
    We’re all back at work, Ellee.
    And waiting for posts.

  5. Ah, Dennis Potter country, I believe… I’ve never been, but I’d sure like to. Hope the weather stays good and you have a great time, Ellie.

  6. Ah, Forest of Dean, one of the strongholds of the Pied Flycatcher in Britain. It’s a little early, but they are among the first migrants to arrive here. I wonder if you saw one?

  7. Hi Ellee,

    saw your interview with David Brain – thought you sounded great. A real inspiration. I’m glad to read that you have had positive experiences when blogging – I started about 3 weeks ago. Keep up the wonderful work 🙂

  8. That looks a bit like the place were the madcap “Absolutely Fabulous” duo spent a “hunting” weekend and ended up getting pie-eyed instead! It was an hilarious episode.

    I hope you had a wonderful weekend, Ellee. 🙂

  9. electro-kevin

    I took my folks out on the moors today – the buggers found their way back.

    Great weather and I did my usual of hot baguettes cooked in the field by means of a primer stove. You pre-cook most of the food before hand so that the stove is only for warming and browning. The aroma gets everyone jealous and you can be really imaginative – steak & stilton, bacon & brie, Chicken and peppers and a bottle or two of ale to wash it down with.

    Today I had forgotten the frying pan. My boy was really upset with me because we were going to have cold food “Daaad ! How could you be so stooopid ?” The moaning went on and on until I said “Look. Just shudddup and drink this.” as I handed him a can of lemonade. Once he’d finished I fashioned a ‘frying pan’ out of the can using my pen knife. It didn’t work half bad either.

    Ray Mears eat your heart out.

  10. Ah, Ellee, I can see you there now. Have a great break.

  11. Walking is GREAT! and to stay some where in style makes it even greater!

    Hope you enjoy, relax and come back invigorated!

  12. A former hunting lodge of Charles the II instead of a youth hostel.

    Aaaah Elle, in youth leafs under a tree and the canopy of stars in the sky will do at night
    But as we grow and grow, little creature comforts, like fine ‘settings’ fine ‘clothes’ good ‘food’ and fine ‘wines’ fill our days with a glow

    And at night a sunptuous bed fit for a king or a Queen – is the best for sure – lol!

    Hope the coach journey is fun, no stress of driving (let the train take the strain) or the coach driver – and you know the person sitting next to you (either side) is probably more fun to speak to, when you have a ‘little’ time – and you see a lot more over the hedges, and into the distance in the countryside from a coach that in a saloon car where generally all you see is the tail pipe of the car in front

  13. Rambling and folk singing – two great old socialist traditions – there is some hope for you yet! Lovely area – recommend the climb from Tintern to the Devil’s Pulpit – but without a small child on your back as when I tried last time.

  14. First there’s Jeremy Jacobs and his African Trek now Ellee is hiking too.

  15. Good luck with your walk, Ellee.

  16. … One of these days these BOOTS,
    Are gonna walk right over YOU!!

    Oh, and the leopard skin still fresh…

  17. Have a good time, Ellee!

  18. electro-kevin

    Country walking is one of my great passions, hence my move to Devon. Great pubs with real fires and real ale in ’em.

    Hope the weather holds out for you.


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