My blog reunites “missing” man with family

I am delighted to say that a post I wrote about Gary Spencer listed as “missing” in Thailand has a happy ending – the story was picked up by the media on the Isle of Wight where his family live and he plans to fly home in a couple of weeks.

Gary turned to me for help totally out of the blue saying I am still stuck in Thailand and dearly wish/need to be in touch with my family – urgently.

I still have no idea why he asked me in desperation after becoming estranged and losing contact with his family; he had been living in Thailand for 10 years where he worked as a teacher. I amazed at how quickly this wonderful result was achieved.

Gary has since been in regular email contact with his father who is going to fly out to Thailand and then they will return back together. He wrote to me saying: Ellee, thank you so much. Your assistance has been invaluable. If you hadn’t helped when you did then I have absolutely no idea how else we could have reconnected  :)))

If only the same could happen for Carole Day, missing in Manilla, whose son Jai is desperate for news, and for other families with missing people too.

In memory of those who are still missing.


  1. Bravo Ellee – good work

  2. The power of blogging in all its glory.

  3. Thanks everyone, it’s great to know that Gary will be back on British soil for Easter.

  4. Congratulations Ellee. I think that this highlights the fact that so many families divide over relationships, property, personalities, and finances. It can be impossible for family members to reunite if one party changes address or telephone number. It is only after a decade, two decades or more that families realize how insignificant the original dispute was. But, then, it is often too late as one of the parties has already passed away.

  5. That’s great news, Ellee – well done.

  6. A wonderful outcome indeed 🙂

  7. I remember reading about this Ellee. What a wonderful outcome, congratulations!

  8. electro-kevin

    Fantastic news, Ellee. Well done to you. Very good work indeed.

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